On a sunny Saturday afternoon on the 6th of October, while most people were preparing themselves for yet another ibiza closing party, I was at home, planning a night in editing in my new home I’d just moved into only 3 days prior. Out of the blue, a lovely friend Sarah who I’d only just met at the start of the season, invited me to join her for a live music event in a cave somewhere up in the north of the island that she was writing a story on. With an invitation like this from a kindred spirit like Sarah, someone I’d hardly had a moment to get to know since we first spoke passionately about our love for dance and performance at the Love Food Ibiza Royal Wedding dinner, I quickly changed my plans and got ready for a magical night of surprises.

An hour before heading out, Sarah called with news that the event’s camera crew had cancelled, could I get my crew in for the night, they just wanted a simple 1 minute clip for instagram. But its already October, my production team have set off on their post summer adventures to ski slopes and Southern Hemisphere sunshine, so, I was a bit nervous to say yes to shooting in a dark cave as all I had around was my 10 year old faithful Cannon 7D which I’ve had since our first Ibiza film shoot, and a 50mm lens I’d borrowed from a friend. Oh well, they had been let down, it was me or nothing, I just hoped they had some kind of lights in the cave.

We arrived early, just in time to catch the final moments of the set up. There was a very warm and familiar energy all around the?location,?almost an eerie feeling, with tanit statues hidden in the distance, musicians doing soundcheck, signs and decorations till being painted up while food was being prepared, photoshoots going on and candles being lit and hung in the trees to light the gardens when the sun soon set. I’ve worked in theatre and event production for most of my life, but the feeling of being backstage and a part of the creation before the magic all happens and the stage (or in this instance), the cave all comes to life, never gets stale for me.

I had been asked to shoot a simple 1 minute video for Instagram, but there was so much more that could be done here, I wanted to explore my skills of capturing the energy that I could feel around me, connecting with the artists and the creators, and soon, the crowd of authentic ibiza folk that were the lucky one’s invited up to this once off event on this very special night. So I asked Coco one of the organisers if I had free reign, and could do a little more than was requested, and my request was warmly welcomed giving me creative control, which opened up a whole new world for me.

7 Minute Full Feature

I walked into ‘The Cave’ and fell in love with the space immediately. The entrance ran in on a downhill slope, there were soft cushions and pillows all round for seating, big old black iron light features, a bar down on the bottom right surrounded with candle features, a deep pit behind the performance area with couches and a chill out area for the artists, and much to my relief, a sound and LIGHTING area (Thank you!!). I was now really looking forward to hearing some live music in what was sure to be an incredible (acoustic) space, and after speaking with performers Alain Clark and Justin Manville, I realised we were in for a really magical night. So, I decided to, as I like to say, shoot the shit out of it, and capture as much of the moments, decor, artists and performances that I could fit on the memory cards I had brought for a 1 min video, and see what could be created from the night.

Max Buskohl

Alain Clark

Hush Forever

Justin Manville

It was an incredible night in many ways. I spent the following weeks producing a range of content for World Unplugged, from short 30 – 60 second teasers, to a full 7 minute feature, individual tracks and mini snippets from each of the artist who’s voices I have come to love and know so well as they’ve been the soundtracks to many of my late nights editing.

In a world of 30 second instagram videos, and hashtag messages, I still like to live in the old skool and share full length, multi media content pieces like the Lucky Life site was always intended for. And after directing over 500 shoots in the last 10 years, this is the first year I have done the full process solo, from pre to post production, to better understand my trade, and further my skills as a director on bigger productions. So excuse the caves colours, listen with kind ears as the audio was recorded on my phone, and I hope you can feel the magic that I was so lucky to be a part of.

Alain Clark - Father & Friend

Artist Talk


Art & Music

Justin Manville - Snippet

Mini Promo

A big thanks to Sarah for inviting me along to this very special night, to the cameraman that never made it to his shoot that night, the World Unplugged team for trusting in me and giving me the creative freedom to run through the crowd, on the stage and backstage to capture the magic, to the beautiful people of Ibiza who danced while seated, loved while listening and sang along to songs many of us have never heard before, and lastly, to the musicians who’s performances and voices have inspired me to put another fear aside, and F@*k it, take up singing lessons and give this singing thing a try for myself.

With Love