Welcome to Ibiza with Mike

Welcome to Ibiza with Mike

I often wonder…

had someone told me back in 2006 how much time, energy, money and life sacrifices it would ‘cost’ to make my Ibiza dream come true, would I still have chosen the path I’ve taken?

As with anybody’s life, and business, what we share and show to the world is only a small, calculated reflection of the deeper battles, triumphs and adventures each of us are living and learning through each day. So even though I may share far more openly than the ‘average person’, nobody really knows what it’s taken from me to get ‘here’ today.

Yet this is true for you, too.

So I hope that through sharing my story, my experiences and being in service to you, Lucky Ladies and Gents, that I honour you and your story too, while entertaining, educating and inspiring along the way as…

A new chapter begins today

But not at all how, or when, I thought it would…

A new chapter begins today

But not at all how, or when, I thought it would…


Creating & capturing of the first Lucky Life celebrations began in London.


We first toured Ibiza with our DJ’s, film crew and club life lovers.


While working together in Australia, my newly beloved Larissa Walker and I created Lucky Life TV, filmed a Pilot in South Africa, festivals in the UK and began captured the variety of life in Ibiza.


Following another wild, stressful and challenging season of under financed production, and many unsuccessful partnership and investment pitches, almost broken, Larry & I… broke. So Larissa soon left the island and I soon locked up my heart and ‘got back to work’.


Over 500 videos across 5 continents, 4000 subscribers, 2.5million views, and 11 years later, just 5 weeks after receiving the devastating news of Larissa’s passing, on this auspicious date of her birthday, enough stars have aligned, skills have been learned, hours dedicated and tears shed to finally bring our co-creation to life again, this time on our newly monetised platform, except now, it’s only me, (that you can see).

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To my beloved Larry

My heart breaks, again, that you are not here with me to celebrate this day, however, I know like no one else KNOWS, that you sure are ‘here’ connecting with me, and without a shadow of a doubt, you sure have once again been creating ‘with’ me. Happy birthday Larry.

And to YOU...

Dear clients, customers, partners, friends, supporters and family all around the world, with tears of both sadness and joy, I welcome you to the new series, ‘Ibiza with Mike’, and the next stage of ‘my’ Lucky Life, where my Ibiza dream comes true, simply, by making YOUR Ibiza dreams come true.

Thank you for watching, reading, listening to

and celebrating LIFE with us.


Mike, (Larry)

& the Lucky Life Family.