Episode 2: Introducing Villa Teddy

Episode 2: Introducing Villa Teddy

Villa with infinity pool surrounded by green trees
Welcome to Episode 2…

of our new series, Ibiza with Mike on Lucky Life TV.

From this incredible cliffhanger Villa Teddy in the north of Ibiza to music industry hotels on the east coast, secret camping spots, super-yachts in the south and rural agroturismos deep in the farmlands, in the sleep section of the series, I’ll be giving you taster tours of the diverse varitey of ways and places to SLEEP when next visiting IBIZA.

Today we’re invited up to the north east of the island to Cala San Vicente with my property partners, Invenio Homes, for an open house of a new villa that’s just come onto the rental market, Villa Teddy. A beautiful 4 bedroom detached house on the edge of the cliff, with the most breathtaking views, elegant designs and secret beach access. In this episode, I chat with Neil Thorogood from Invenio Homes, the main agent for the house, as well as a few other agents and property players of Ibiza to get their personal perspective on this new villa up for rentals. 

Two men in an interview with blue skies and sea in the background
Man standing on the edge of an infinity pool with blue seas and green hills in the background while presenting TV show
2 men and 2 woman sat on the terrace of a villa waving at the drone camera
Ibiza is a truly diverse land with such a huge mix of potential experiences for you to enjoy, (with a range of price tags attached too). When it comes to property and places to sleep, the diversity and price range is mega too. That’s why we created our own personal hosting to service to help you, because with so much to choose from, and such bias, sponsored, advertorial ‘news’ out there, it can be a real challenge to find what your heart is truly craving for your next Ibiza visit.

Enjoy the full episode today on Lucky Life TV including a beautiful soundtrack from Domenico Caputo – Ibiza based Santur Player as well as the series soundtrack beats by Lucky Life Music’s Daniel Brooks.

Thanks for Watching, Ibiza with Mike, and join us next week for the annual dip ‘n dance.

A Man interviewing a lady at a villa in Ibiza with beautiful blue seas in the background
Aerial photograph of a turquoise blue beach and blue waters in the north east of Ibiza
Two men presenting an interview with an infinity pool, blue sky and seas in the background

If you are coming out to Ibiza and would like a personal host, event curator, ‘man on the ground’ who will ensure to find you the very best of what Ibiza has to offer you, for your specific tastes, preferences, budget and wishes and not just book you into the ‘obvious hot spots’, please do get in touch, myself and my team would love to be of service to you and your guests.

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