Episode 1: Ibiza’s Longest Running Trade

Episode 1: Ibiza’s Longest Running Trade

Beautiful view of Ibiza Salt Flats with green trees, blue skies spotted white clouds overlooking the Ibiza Airport
Welcome to the very first episode…

of my new series, ‘Ibiza with Mike’. In this first episode, we go back to the Phoenician times to when Ibiza’s longest running industry first began, the Ibiza Salt Trade.

Flavouring many of the meals you´ll be munching while on the island, as well as assisting in the preservation of food for hundreds of years, The Ibiza Salt is a special commodity both here, and internationally, to date, still the island’s main export.

I actually captured this footage years ago when I was shooting the Love Food Ibiza youtube series, collecting salt for Tess Prince to cook salt baked sea bass for the Mambo family, but a week later I was in a pretty serious roadside accident, so I am excited to finally be sharing this story with you. Carlos from Los Salineros takes us to back in time on a trip down history lane as we get further information and insight on how the extraction process works, from start to finish, and how things have changed over the centuries.

Ibiza Salt Worker administrator on a salt mountain holding a bag of salt and a spade with machinery, salt mountain and blue skies in the background
Earth Moving Equipment and A truck in front of a large mountain of salt at the Ibiza Salt Flats
Large mound of Salt in the Ibiza Salt flats with low level water alongside, green trees and hills in the background and blue skies

Special thanks to Pepe Torres for assisting with access to the Ibiza Salt Flats and his friends at Salineras Espanola S.A. Thanks also go out to Tess and Dan Prince, Brett Taylor, and the Mambo Family for the collaboration on our Love Food Ibiza ‘Salt Baked Seabass Episode’, as well as a huge thanks to ALL my family, friends, clients, doctors, physiotherapists, police workers, lawyers and everyone  who helped me through my 2015 Salinas Roadside accident recovery.

Hand holding fresh course salt directly from the Ibiza Salt Mound
Man smiling in a leather jacket and blue hoodie with a salt mountain and salt pans in the background
Ibiza Salt Mountain with machinery, tree covered hills and blue skies in view

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Love Food Ibiza – Salt Baked Seabass Episode Full Episode

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Veronica Roig Torres – Can Mussona

Sonny & Mika – Pikes Ibiza

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