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Watch Ibiza With Mike


Welcome to ‘Ibiza with Mike’

Our Ibiza Series on Lucky Life TV where I personally guide you on journeys of discovery through some of my favourite, and also, some of the most weird and wonderful ways, to Eat, Sleep, Rave and Retreat yourself on the magical island of Ibiza.

From hedonistic clubland to the Phoenician history, 5 star hotels, luxury villas and super yachts to my 101 year old Ibiza farmer, alternative healing sessions and breathtaking aura paintings.

Enjoy discovering the Magic of Ibiza with myself Mike Parry and please get in touch to book any of the experiences from this series, or, to create your own tailor-made Ibiza getaway, event or experience.

Cover Image for Lucky Life TV Series about the Ibiza Salt Flats, the islands longest running industry, showing the episode release details and images of salt mountains and pans as well as the host and interviewee

Welcome to the very first episode of my new series, ´Ibiza with Mike´ where I’ll be taking you on some incredible journeys of my favourite ways to Eat, Sleep, Rave and Retreat. To get us started, we’re going back in time, uncovering Phoenician secrets as we reveal the natural, non-chemical extraction process behind Ibiza’s longest running trade and the islands biggest export. Clubbing? Dance Music? Tourism? Hmmmm …. Can you guess what industry it is?

We’re so excited to release the first episode this weekend.

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Collage of Images, title text and graphics for Episode two of the YouTube Series 'Ibiza With Mike' including images of the presenter at the edge of an infinity pool overlooking the Ibiza Mediterranean, a villa shot taken by drone, two ladies standing on the edge of the villa with sea and an island in the background, a view of Cala San Vicente beach, an interview with two men, and an ornament alongside the pool with sun shining through from behind

Today we begin an exciting journey into the Ibiza property market wherein I’ll be showing you some incredible places I have available for you to sleep in while visiting your favourite destination. We begin with an open house and guided tour at a beautiful villa in the north east of the island which has just come onto the market for holiday rentals.

Villa Teddy boasts unbeatable views, classic, elegant design and hidden cliffside hikes to secret swim spots and an old, unused lighthouse tower.

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Collage of Images, title text and graphics for Episode three of the YouTube Series 'Ibiza With Mike' including images of a man blowing a horn to announce the start of the swim, two ladies in a shop handing over a bag to the presenter, people running in and out of the sea at Salinas beach in Ibiza and people dancing at Circoloco Party at DC10 in Ibiza

Ladies and gents, finally, it’s time to DANCE! My first time back in a nightclub after a 2 year hiatus … there hasn’t been a gap longer than 6 weeks, at the most, since I was 15 years old! So, needless to say, I’m a wee bit keen for this one.

It’s New Years Day in Ibiza, and if you know what’s what, you know that means its OUR day for DC10 baby, OH YEAH ! But first, we dive into the year with our annual chilly dip on Salinas beach with our friends from Vino & Co.

Enjoy the New Years Dip ´n Dance

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Watch Ibiza with Mike
Collage of Images, title text and graphics for Episode four of the YouTube Series 'Ibiza With Mike' including images of a man named The Spirit painter with his arms raised, standing on the edge of a cliff with the sea inn the background, several images of the presenter standing on the rocks on the edge of the cliff, the spirit painter painting the presenters aura onto his shirt and an image of two men in an interview with the sea and blue skies in the background

Do you see Auras ? Do you even know what an aura is? Well, to celebrate International Aura Day, I take you up to my favourite view spot on the island for an AURAsome experience. My friend RichArt, the one and only, Spirit Painter, gifts me a truly special, powerful and unique experience that you’ll definitely want to book in with me for your next Ibiza visit.

I really loved this multidimensional day and Mother Nature sure came out for play for us on this one.

Are you Excited ? You better be, cause this is gonna be AURAsome.

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Collage of Images, title text and graphics for Episode five of the YouTube Series 'Ibiza With Mike' including images of the presenter interviewing famous DJ´s and men from the ibiza music and travel industry

Throughout 2016 and 17, soon after the initial recovery from my roadside accident that set me and my Ibiza plans back a fair bit, and immediately after losing my father, I had the heartwarming honour of working very closely with someone who has had a massive influence on my life, in many ways. In this episode, I finally get to reveal to you who this legend is and share some of the secrets to living a Lucky, healthy and happy life that I learnt from this legend.

Could it be one of the worlds most famous DJs like Carl Cox, Armin Van Buuren or Paul Van Dyk? Or maybe its an industry leader like Matt Adell ex CEO of Beatport, Danny Whittle ex Brand Director of Pacha and Founder of the Ibiza IMS, or maybe, Jason Bull of Sands, Es Vive and Base Bar? I have a feeling I’ll be surprising you on this one…

Stay tuned and subscribe to meet the BIGGEST legend I have ever had the pleasure of hangin´ with and learning from during my time on the island.

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Collage of Images, title text and graphics for Episode six of the YouTube Series 'Ibiza With Mike' showing images of the W Ibiza hotel pool including the pool with palm trees, a dj mixing music, a chef preparing sushi with the sun setting in the background, two sunloungers on the beach underneath an umbrella, a deluxe hotel suite, and the entrance to the hotel with a colourful W hung on a wall feature of flowers and plants

Last year the W Ibiza booked me to capture some beautiful images of their hotel events, restaurants, spa, suites and all they have to offer. I really enjoyed my time working at this top quality destination with their friendly team, so, other than showing you, as I usually do, somewhere to Eat, Sleep, Rave OR Retreat, I’ve decided to share this with you as an all encompassing episode where all of the above is possible.

The W Ibiza offers everything from a seaside veggie cafe, beach restaurant, sauna, spa, gym and chill out areas to poolside beats, rooftop DJ sessions, fine dining, sea view rooms, suites and of course, the MEGA suites. A perfect place to Eat, Sleep, Rave and Retreat… but careful, you might not want to leave.

W Ibiza, the place to be for the music industry.

Available to reserve for rooms and events through myself at Lucky Life.

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Collage of Images, title text and graphics for Episode seven of the YouTube Series 'Ibiza With Mike' including images of famous DJ´s playing in front of a large crowd, two images of a man and a woman in interview, a performer on a dancefloor and 3 people in front of a branded wall at an anniversary book launch for Space Ibiza nightclub

Do you remember the first time you ever walked in? Of course you do, how could you EVER forget. Mine was 4pm on a Sunday, We Love, with 300 + of our Ibizan Heat Opening Parties crew. What a night! I was still discovering new dance floors after 8 hours in the club, and only left at 6 o clock on Monday morning. You know what I’m talking about… Oh Yes, The Worlds Best Discotheque … Space Ibiza!

A lot sure has changed since then, Space is no longer, clubland is in a very different era to where is was back then, and I too, am in a very different era of my life.

So, in honour of the journey we’ve all been on over the last 12 years since our move to the island, today, I take you backstage, behind the scenes and onto the dance floor to relive some of my favourite highlights at the one and only Space Ibiza, including interviews, dance floor moments and never before seen footage from the ultimate final fiesta.

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Collage of Images, title text and graphics for Episode eight of the YouTube Series 'Ibiza With Mike' including images of a breathwork coach facilitating a class with a group of guests smiling, laughing and enjoying the process together and one lady lying back with an eye mask and screaming as she releases through. traumatic experience

Ibiza is not just about raving all night long. One of my favourite finds while living on this one of a kind island is discovering the many different alternative healing ceremonies, therapies and techniques on offer here.

Now, as with all treatments and medicines, be sure not to head down dark alleys with dodgy doctors and I don’t want my shaman to be named Pete (get the T-Shirt.. more on this in future stories), but if you want to try something different, something deeper, I´ll be happy to guide and advise you to one of my tried and tested healers, transformers and energy workers based on the island.

In this episode I get up close and personal at Pikes for a transformational session with breath-work practitioner, sex, love and relationships coach, the inspirational, Angharad Owen and her Ibiza residents, followed by nourishing treats from, mmmm, it’s tasty Tess Prince of Love Food Ibiza.

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Collage of Images, title text and graphics for Episode nine of the YouTube Series 'Ibiza With Mike' including images of Chef Tess Prince presenting, preparing food and serving guests on a farm, in a restaurant, alongside the pool at Pikes hotel, alongside the sea in the south of Es Vedra and on the Es Palmador Island and in the forest of ibiza with a hippie looking egg farmer

You can easily find a chef who will prepare a nice meal based on your requirements that might add a special twist or taste, but, if you want something to excite your taste buds, seduce your eyeballs and nourish your mind, body and belly all at once, then let me get my absolute favourite food loving friend; Tess Prince on the hob.

From menu curating at Pikes to cooking for celebrities in France, nourishing retreat guests from Ibiza to Goa, and starring as, well, the star of our Love Food Ibiza Series, Tess Prince is also the ´Eat´ specialist on our Eat Sleep Rave Retreats.

I have had the absolute pleasure of creating content, co-hosting events and enjoying Ibiza life, and many meals, with Tess for over 7 years. In this episode, our one of a kind nourishment Princess takes us on an incredible journey of exploration and discovery through food in Ibiza, from foraging and farmlands to catamarans & classic island traditions, visiting some of the people and places we’ve come to know and love during our time enjoying life on the island.

By far my most recommended chef and nourishment specialist on the island.

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Collage of Images, title text and graphics for Episode ten of the YouTube Series 'Ibiza With Mike' including three images of the exterior of a superyacht taken by drone, the interior of a the super yacht, 3 ladies in colourful dresses and big sunglasses smiling together at the back of the yacht, and a presenter in interview with a lady

Last summer my film crew were booked to drone shoot on a super yacht doing a kind of ´open house´ for concierge and boat bookers like myself. I had no plans to make an episode out of this as I had just gone along as your host to get the inside scoop, but once I saw what was in store for the day, I thought it would be rude not to at least capture some of this incredible experience, even if just on my phone. So, I spent some time exploring, interviewing, discovering and later, creating this episode to share with all of you.

Join me today as I take you on board one of the very few super yachts with a unique license allowing much larger gatherings than most other boats and yachts around Ibiza. Great for short stays, week long cruises, private events and all kinds of celebrations. In this episode, you also get to meet some of my Ibiza friends and hear some wild stories of their earlier Ibiza days, manumission style, long before my arrival.

Be sure to give me a shout if you would like to book this beauty, or any Ibiza boat or for a personal consultation and curation of your experiences for your next Ibiza visit.

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Collage of Images, title text and graphics for Episode Eleven of the YouTube Series 'Ibiza With Mike' including images of a male presenter interviewing famous djs including Armin Van Buuren, Nervo, Seth Troxler and images of a man behind a DJ booth with his hands raised for a photo, a man with long hair being hugged by blonde ladies on either side and an image of two men and a lady arm in arm behind a bar

There were a good few events we shot in my early Ibiza days when we were taking on way more work than we could handle, while also agreeing to do many ´freebies for exposure´, (when actually, we needed paying jobs for expansion), that obviously meant, some things just never got to be edited and released in time…

Now, when it’s released a year or two later, it’s just late. Release it 3 or 4 years later, its just weird… But 10 years later, it’s history. So, I’ve been saving this one for a rainy day… and it may not be raining where I am, but man, am I excited to finally share one of my favourite moments of Ibiza history that I have ever been a part of, working with one of the most iconic Ibiza venues, along with many of worlds best DJ´s, all well out of their natural habitat, coming together, collaborating and having a laugh, in the name of charity.

Join myself and pint pulling Cox, shot pouring Sanchez, long drink Van Buuren, hot dog Troxler, kissing sisters Nervo and more for the Red Cross Mambo in the Mix charity event.

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Collage of Images, title text and graphics for Episode twelve of the YouTube Series 'Ibiza With Mike' including two images of a man interviewing a a lady, a man playing a guitar, a letter cover with a butterfly and the words Metamorphosis written, an image with the letter and a key and a lady with a microphone in one hand and pointing her finger with a gasping smile

There are many ways to retreat yourself on Ibiza, from a full week yoga, mediation, tantra and wellness retreats to massage, Stand up paddle, sound healing or even a simple smoothie on the beach can be a healing retreat. As your host in Ibiza, I am always on the look out for that extra special touch to add to your Ibiza experience and last year I found someone that truly touched my soul. Well, actually, she sang my soul.

In this episode, I take you to a very special, secret and wholesome experience. Another episode that was not at all planned. I actually went in expecting it to be a no phones kind of event, so I didn’t have my camera with me either, but once I arrived, I felt this magic, a bliss and a warmth that I just had to capture and share with you, my Lucky guests.

New to the island, an optional add on when curating your Ibiza experience with me, and also included in our annual Eat Sleep Rave Retreat, Lucky Ladies and gents, I am very excited, and honoured, to introduce you to; Metamorphosis.

Enjoy with myself Mike Parry, Lexi, Zeta, Abbie and the team

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EP13: The Ibiza Swim

To end off the first season of ‘Ibiza with Mike,’ we dive into a story of one of the most epic events I’ve arranged during my time here in Ibiza and invite you to join me for a swim this summer, 2022.

Collage of Images, title text and graphics for Episode Thirteen of the YouTube Series 'Ibiza With Mike' including images of swimmers running into he sea, swimming in the blue seas around ibiza, a sunset and a man walking into the sea holding a crate with catering over his head

In early 2017 arranged the first ever attempted swim around the island of Ibiza attempted in just 4 days, in the name of charity. Now that’s the kind of craziness I’m all in for, so it was a definite yes from me.

With a shoestring budget provided by the 10 swimmers and 10 supporting friends, over the 8 months that followed, I pulled on every string in my reach from trusted partners so myself and the swim team could co-create the most epic feat around Ibiza.

I arranged everything including 5 boats to follow the swimmers for 4 days, captains, medics, licensing, permissions, media coverage, on and off sea accommodation, catering, as well as, of course, an afterparty. All round a pretty epic way to experience the island.

Tune in to this 13th episode of the first season of ´Ibiza with Mike´ to find out how these mad swimmers got on, how much money was raised and what’s coming up next for ´The Ibiza Swim,´ cause it ain’t over yet, we’re just getting started.

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