This year, as we move into our 13th Year of Lucky Living, we kicked the summer off by sharing some Luck with some of Ibiza favourites, giving them full coverage on their Ibiza opening party with artists interviews, event report, and a tasty little aftermovie showing the highlights of a day into night, outdoor, friendly, social party down at KM5?. So, Who was the Lucky One?

Well, we?ve worked with Nick Warren a few times over the last 10 years, filming him at Carl Cox at Space, as well as covering his shows in Australia with the Electric Gardens Festival. I love his music, the vibe of The Soundgarden parties, and Nick’s gentle, humble character. Gustin, their resident DJ is a friend of ours from the ibiza family, and Guy Mantzur, well, he produced a track which our label boss Ben Fhurst discovered in 2015, Epika, which has become a real favourite in the Lucky Life Music house, so, we decided to give the lucky ticket to our friends at The Soundgarden, for their summer opening at KM5 last month. If you like what you see and read here, then join them at KM5 this Tuesday from 5pm till the early hours of the morning for round two with the world renowned duo, Nick Warren and Hernan Catteneo.

Here?s what went down on the day:

It?s late May, we?re already jam packed with work for the summer, and we?ve somehow had to miss the whole of The Ibiza IMS for the first time since 2011, but one thing we won?t be missing, is a day with Nick Warren and friends at the SoundGarden opening party at KM5.

Myself and my film crew, Charl from SA and Manu from Argentina, arrive to KM5 soon after doors open, and already, you can feel the good vibes and see the smiles from the beautiful people that The Soundgarden parties are well known for bringing together. We?re welcomed in by the KM5 manager and Petra from The Soundgarden and made to feel very much at home on our first shoot with The Soundgarden Family.

We find a suitable spot round the back of the venue for our interviews, set up couch and mics, and head into the venue to grab our first shots of the decor, details, and early dancers getting involved on the dancefloor from their arrival, while our friend Gustin plays a beautiful 6pm set to get the space warmed up for Nick Warren, available right here for your listening pleasure.?

Nick Warren Interview

Nick Warren

I caught up with Nick Warren for our first interview since Carl Cox?s 10th Anniversary at Space in 2010, and I expected us to head into sad reminiscing of the now forever gone,? world’s number one club, missed by all and never to be met with a match, Space Ibiza.? Yet, I was quite pleasantly surprised to hear Nick?s perspective on saying goodbye to Space, and all the best clubs, as each period of life comes to the end of it’s era.

Nick shares some stories about the Bristol scene, something in the water there creating some next level talents, and the variety of music styles and clubs that Bristol is home to, and how this ?helped DJs find their click, learning from different genres and styles

A lot of Nick and Guy?s tracks have been collaborations in the studio, Nick also often plays back to back, with the likes of Hernan Cattaneo, who featured at the next event this Tuesday at KM5. We dig a bit deeper into his views on collaboration and how he enjoys working together in the studio, how this sometimes helps bring what you need to get the idea going, or the missing spark of a track. Once again though, the theme came back to the essence of The Soundgarden family, and that is, it’s always just more fun together!

Nick also talks about his sets out in Australia which our down under crew film at the Electric Gardens Festival which him and Hernan have played at for the opening year. A great one day festival that now travels across 5 states of Australia with some heavyweight headliners, a techno stage represented by Circoloco and some local talent too.

Thanks to Nick Warren?for another great catch up on the couch! We wish you all the best for your Ibiza season at your new island home, KM5. We?ll be down there to dance again this Tuesday.?

Guy Mantzur Interview

Guy Mantzur:

In 2015, Lucky Life Music label boss, Ben Fhurst, discovered a track in the early summer which became a daily play in our house, usually round sunset as we sat overlooking the Salinas salt flats. The track has since been played at our parties at Space and Pacha, from Amsterdam to London and our worldwide radio shows, cause we just LOVE IT. So it was a real honour when I got to catch up with Guy Mantzur, co-producer of the favourite track Epika, and found out the full story on the this amazing track made in collaboration with Roy Rosenfold. ?

Guy mantzur, from Tel Aviv in Israel, is a long time friend of Nick Warren, so the family and friendly Soundgarden stories continues as Guy explains how it came about for him to be here in Ibiza, playing today at KM5. He speaks about his passion for music and friendship with Nick and their love to be together, DJ together and create together.

Guy is another collaborator, a lover of bringing sounds and influences together in the studio, and in this interview, Guy shares more about his experience in the studio as we go back in time discussing some of his past releases, including Toys 4 boys back in 2011, and collaborations with the likes of Guy J.

This summer, you can also catch Guy playing at HI Ibiza with Black Coffee and Be Crazy at Heart Ibiza on 15th June. I?m sure he?ll be back for more than just gigs this summer though, as we dig a little deeper and speak to Guy about his love for ibiza, and the stories of the magnetic force of this Island, that force that pulls you in, or, as legend has it, kicks you out.

Guy also played at Space Ibiza, some years back with Vagabundos and, somewhat like Nick?s point of view. Guy talks about the close of Space, the new Hi Ibiza, and how everything in life has its time and its period, and it?s ok to say goodbye, close the book and move on to next one. After all, change is the only constant in this life.?

Big thanks to Guy Mantzur for our long awaited, EPIK interview! A real pleasure to catch up with you. Keep up the great productions and sharing the good vibes and sounds around the world.

Gustin Interview

DJ Gustin

Aonghus Curtin aka DJ Gustin is a good friend of ours from here in Ibiza. Although we?ve heard his sounds before, this was the first time we?ve been to one of his parties and tuned in for his whole set, and we really enjoyed the sounds of Gustin, perfectly fitting for the venue and The Soundgarden vibes.

It was great fun to take some time on the couch and catch up with Gustin in a Lucky Life TV Interview, find out some things I didn?t even know about him, his favourite thing in ibiza, some of his lucky moments in life, and that he?s just been out playing in Argentina and Budapest. We also find out how his Mom is the one to thank for him now living and loving life in ibiza.?

Lucky Life is all about living the life you wish for, making dreams come true, and loving what you do, so we love to meet DJ?s, artists, and people along the way, who have a story of luck and living dreams that they love to share. Tune in to this interview to find out how Gustin was invited to join The Soundgarden family, a tribe he?d been a fan of and following for over 20 years, and his interactions with Nick and Petra who make it all happen here at KM5.

Thanks to our friend Gustin for getting serious on camera with us as we dig a little deeper, getting to the essence and sharing some authentic stories of the Lucky Lives around us.

Catch you Tuesday at the next Soundgraden party at KM5 Ibiza. Looking forward to it.

As soon as Nick arrives, I catch his attention and guide him round the back of KM5 so we can get our interview done in the good light and in time for him to get on the decks after Gustin. Initially I was due to interview Nick and Guy on the couch together, but last minute changes meant I got to sit on the couch, in front of the camera, one by one with all 3 artists on the line up. Lucky Me 🙂

All the interviews were super fun and friendly, just like the Soundgarden family. Some of the conversations we got into were really informative on the dance scene, from Bristol to ibiza, where it?s come from and where it?s going. I loved Nick Warren?s perspective on the closing of Space Ibiza, it?s a refreshing view compared with many of the conversations I?ve had on and off the island since Space?s final closing in 2016. Each of the artist was really positive about the summer ahead, the scene and the changes Ibiza is going through, and they all shared a combined enthusiasm, looking forward to some fun outdoors at KM5 for The Soundgarden Summer events. After catching up with Nick, we got to have our first ever interview with ibiza family friend Gustin, who told us some of his history with Nick and how today is really a dream come true for him. Uo next, I went one on one with Guy Mantzur, who has been a real inspiration to the Lucky Life Music house with some of his productions, Epika being the biggest inspiration so far.

We wrapped up our interviews later than expected, the light was fading, but we got the final shout outs just in time. From then on, it was all fun, smiles and dancing into the dark with a magic, authentic Ibiza spirit all around. We got to have a dance for the second half of Nick Warren?s set, featuring some amazing tracks shown at the bottom of this article.

Next up, we got to enjoy Guy Mantzur?s tip top outdoor set that had the crowd moving, shaking and not even noticing the raindrops that fell in the final hour of the outdoor fun. Some unshazamable tracks were played that I had to ask Guy for after his set, so keep your ears open for the release on these two upcoming tracks:

‘Chasing the fog’ coming out soon on Lost & Found Label, and Marcelo Vasami’s track ‘Free play’ that will be out on Plattenbank soon

Some of our friends from the island came to join us for a dance, and we made some new friends out on the dance floor, from Norway, Netherlands, USA, Spain and UK.

I really do feel lucky when our work is doing what we love! We?re at a party, outdoors, day into night, enjoying, dancing, loving the music, and capturing the highlight moments along the way so we can share these magic moments with you, keeping you informed and inspired for your next ibiza visit 🙂

As the outdoor hours came to a close, the party moved indoors for an all night continuation with Nick and Guy going back to back, but our work was done, so we head back up the hill to take some rest before another day?s filming ahead tomorrow.

We?ve been in Ibiza a long time, we?ve shot over 600 videos, but somehow, that?s our first time down at the lovely km5 Ibiza. We had a great time down there, were well looked after, and although only a guest for the night, we really were made to feel like part of The Soundgarden family, and KM5 crew.

If you like balearic vibes, free entry parties and fun in the outdoors, then be sure to join Nick Warren and friends this summer in Ibiza for The Soundgarden parties – next one up this Tuesday with Hernan Cattaneo, back at KM5.

Here’s a few of the tracks played by Nick during The Soundgarden Opening Party that really highlighted the night for us. We hope you enjoy as much as we do.

With love from the magic Island,

The _Lucky1_

Nae:Tek – Touch Is Enough (Teil Rmx) [Superordinate Dub Waves]

Mark Alow – Tzemin (Original Mix) [Akbal Music]

Volen Sentir -Heimarmene (Original Mix) [Shanti Radio Moscow)

Marc Grabber & Bastian – Night Falls (Original Mix) [Nightcolours Recordings]