When it comes to food, art & music, making love and living life in general, it seems our world is sadly moving further and further away from the essence of what I believe it?s all about. We consume as much and as many as we can, as fast as we can, hardly tasting, barely enjoying, already thinking of the next ?bite? before we?ve even finished chewing what we?ve chosen.

As we move from seasonal home grown foods that your body truly needs, to fast food take away?s with a plastic versions of whatever your mouth desires, we also move away from long, sensual love making which your heart & soul desires, to the quick fix of whatever, well, your little animal desires, with prostitution now openly accepted it seems and unlimited pornography available online, as we skip ahead to ?the good bit? for two stroke pleasantries. And so it has become with art and media.

When I first met Carl Cox and his management team at the Ibiza IMS in 2010, I asked for the opportunity to film the opening of his 10th anniversary at Space Ibiza, yet I said with courage, ?I dont just want to film another club night, that?s boring! I want to go behind the scenes, film the set up of the venue, interview all the artists, the people that make it all happen, and tell an authentic story about something that truly inspires me.? I was very lucky to make that film, yet sadly, soon after that, like many others, I fell into the trap of advertising, finding a way to pay the bills, producing what the clubs, parties and clients decided, rather than doing what we love.

Ibiza IMS 2010 with Carl Cox, Pepe Rosello & Lynn Cosgrave

Carl Cox - The Revolution - 10th Anniversary at Space Ibiza

Back then, my average video length was 7-9 minutes. Today, for our biggest clients, we shoot around 8 hours of an event, with anywhere from 5-40 artists and 3000-15000 party people having the time of their life, and then, we edit a 45 SECOND video, almost NEVER touching the footage again. Now to me, that?s just sad!?

This is The End

Electric Gardens Festival

Pau Brasil Churrasco

Move with the times, its business boy, thats where advertising is going, I get it!! But today, I wanted to do something different. For me. For you.?

So, before my video channel falls any further into the youporn trap of only lights, lasers, the biggest djs, and of course, a whole lot of tits and ass of only the ?hottest girls? at the party, this year, as we celebrate 13 Lucky years of this Life, I decided to go back to my roots, and start telling an authentic story, with longer form content.

Last tuesday, I filmed the RebelsLand party at Benimussa Park in Ibiza for the opening of a new event that I know has a real story to it, built with love and passion, brought to life by a family of friends from around the world who share some common goals and interests, a love for life, art, music and dancing in the sunshine. When I started preparing the edit, I was about to do the usual, keep it short and sweet, get it over and done with. But looking at the hours of streams of footage I?d captured, there was no way I could just tell a 45 second story here. I had to show more. Let the journey last longer, for me and for you. When you?ve been a part of something as its grown from nothing to something, it?s like when you?ve grown your own fruit tree, built your own house, or waited years for that special someone. You can?t even say, its worth the wait, because the journey, the building, the preparing, is all a part of the process, and its worth so much more than another ?happy meal.?

Maybe no one will watch it except for a granny in South Africa who happened to figure out facebook recently and joined the Lucky Life page by mistake, thinking it was a lucky lottery page. Or, maybe, it will allow me to do what I came here to do: Share an authentic view of the island and ALL it has to offer, giving travellers the chance to choose what, where and how THEY want to enjoy their time while on the magic white isle. Because lets be honest, I can easily tell a lie in a 45 second clip, choosing only the best seconds from 8 hours of filming, as can THE BEST? parties, beach clubs and restaurants tell a lie on a billboards, magazines or ?ibiza review websites.?

Obviously, I?m paid to film and edit this aftermovie for the Capadi Rebels. Its a commercial project that helps me pay the bills, but, rather than the client deciding which girls and highlight moments go in (or dont go in) on this one, I got to tell the story, from before the beginning began, constructing the dj booth, creating the artwork and building the set to magic moments with all the performers and people, I was ?allowed? to show some of what goes down before the venue is full, rather than pretending its only a ram packed dancefloor from start to finsh, I filmed with friends in the backstage area, in the booth, in the crowd, in the pool area and all the way on to the afterparty.

This is only the beginning?. And it?s great to finally do what I want, whether you like it or not 😉

Thanks to the the original Carl Cox team and the Capadi Rebels for giving creative control.

So, from me, the Rebels Land opening party was a great day out in the sunshine, with an array of amazing performers, artists, dancers, rollergirls, mimes, stilt walkers, pole dancers, djs and an incredible crowd of people, including tourists and travellers from around the world and some of my favourite ibiza families, all in one colourful, outdoor, tree-filled, happyplace.

If you?re in Ibiza, and you like what you feel when you watch this, then join us tomorrow for the next edition, this time with some ?big name? DJs, Steve Lawler, Enzo Siragusa and many more who you?ve never heard of before, amazing artists, painters, musicians, one man bands and colourful creatives. ?

More authentic stories from Ibiza, coming to you soon.

With love,