The Beach Party – CoreFunLand Festival – Suzdal – Russia


‘The Beach Party,’ was for sure the most of our film crew’s favourite day shooting in Suzdal. The CorFunLand festival has several arenas, with a main stage, a fashion show, food stalls and market, and even a Beach Party arena, filled with many of the best of what a good beach party has to offer, quality cocktails, DJ’s, beautiful ladies in bikinis. What more you want. See you soon at CoreFunLand Festival, Suzdal, Russia.

Mike from Lucky Life met Vlad of the CoreFunLand Festival on a boat party out in Ibiza in the summer of 2013. A lot of good things seem to have come from Ibiza Boat Parties in 2013 for Lucky Life, thats where the record label was born too.

A year later, our Ibiza Media Team were flown out to create all the advertising videos, photos and social media content for a new festival, soon to launch in Russia. The organisers brought everything in for the first event to showcase what the festival will be all about, from the artists, the food, and the location, to the fashion, car sponsors and various stages.


It was a really unexpected, crazy and cool experience for us. We?were flown out to Moscow, collected by 2 drivers in black Audi’s, and 2 lovely translators, driving into the centre of Moscow, which was the only one day of the year the town was completely empty, and then drove 5 hours over to Suzdal, a nearly 1000 year old city.

We had a great experience in Russia, were looked after very well by Vlad and all his crew, the artists were all super passionate about the Russian music scene and the possibility of this new festival bringing dance music in a more accessible and outdoor, festival style to the special old town of Suzdal. And as for the event coverage, we really enjoyed our in depth interviews with each of the artists, behind the scenes on the fashion show and of course the beach party, time lapses of the incredibly slow sunset, and sight seeing around this old city that felt like we’d actually gone back in time.

Big thanks to CoreFunLand festival and all the people of Suzdal for welcoming us to your town, we hope to be back again soon.