Pre & Post Production, Filming, Photography, Locations and Crew, when it comes to film and media production, Lucky Life make it happen for you.

10 years international experience, a top class?client list and testimonials which speak for themselves. Whether it?s producing a cooking show, or creating cutting edge online marketing campaigns, we have the team, the skills and the passion for your project.


Event Coverage, Interviews, Live Streams, Behind the Scenes, Hotels, Villas, Weddings, Boating and Activities.

Over the last decade, Lucky Life have produced 500+ videos in Ibiza, Australia, UK, Russia, South Africa and America. We work on behalf of our clients, sourcing the perfect crew, locations, extras, and ideas needed to bring your vision to life in film, within budget, and on time.

From simple single camera shoots, to full team productions and media partnerships, including drones, live streams, interviews and immediate turn around edit and release. Both here in Ibiza, and around the world.

Contact us to discuss your upcoming project and we can set the creative media heads to work for you right away.


We have a select crew of photographers on our Ibiza books, each team well suited to their?specific job types.?

We are proud to cater for a wide range of clients across this magical island. Our photography services and past works include event coverage, club nights, live performances, weddings and private events, as well as photoshoots and fashion shoots, hotels, villas and behind the scenes photography.

Across the Lucky life website, you will find many different albums, from the Matrix Villa Party, to The Woolhouse & Essential Artist Shoot, Corefunland Festival in Russia, the Ibiza DJ Awards and our own Label Artist ‘water shoot’, giving you an idea of the work we do, and the quality of the crew we bring for you.



Ibiza is a fantastic shoot destination for many reasons; its magical lighting, natural beauty and hidden gem secret locations. If we don?t already have the spot in mind, we?ll happily head out in search of the perfect location for your shoot, arrange permissions and licenses, and ensure you get the location of your dreams to bring your video/ photo vision to life.


Single camera to full TV Broadcast quality productions, handheld go-pros to fully licensed super drones, we have a lot in-house, and the rest are just an easy phone call away, whenever you need them.


Models, actors, extras, hair, make-up, transport, food and accommodation, leave the extras to us, and you can focus on the important stuff, creative ideas and getting yourself prepared for the big shoot ahead.



We have worked with many of the island’s top production teams, so we’ve done the trial and error test for you. Depending on client budget, business, type of project, and even; preferred language, we can offer the ideal film and photo crew for you. You have just one point of contact, while we arrange a full production team for you.


We can fly out to be on location, bring our Ibiza crews, as we have previously in Russia and Ecuador. Or, you may prefer our?remote production service, which we provide?for the Electric Gardens Festival in Australia, arranging everything from crew, shot list, brief, interviews and all filming, to transfer of footage, editing, management approvals and fast content release, all done as though we are right there in your back studio.