While working away in our Salinas studio on a grey and windy day in April, an invite came through from a friend who I haven’t seen since the end of last summer, to attend a private little opening party at SLUIZ Entertainment Restaurant up in the hills of San Josep.

I’d driven past the venue many times last summer during the daytime, but never seen it in action, and had heard rumours about their ‘backstage dressing room’ with optional costumes for the clientele. So, to turn the grey studio day into a colourful night, we packed up the computers, put away the summer planning pages, and prepared ourselves for an evening of stage surprises, food flavours and costume changes with some of our lovely Ibiza friends.

I arrived early, walking in past two golden statues on either side of the entrance to a colourful marquee with guests all dressed up in headdresses and a wild mix of outfits. There was a fancy dress DJ playing on the exit of the marquee which leads up a red carpeted staircase to an all white bar and terrace, where the bartenders were dressed in all white (kinda tight) one piece suits and huge afros.

As the first of our group to arrive, rather than taking out my phone to ‘entertain myself’ on ‘social media’ I took a look around the red carpeted entertainment venue, enjoyed some of the art, met some of the team that bring the SLUIZ show to life, and adorned a rather tame and contradictory hat and jacket combo to start the night off in SLUIZ style.

Now feeling more suited to the SLUIZ style, I went on to the bar to await the arrival of my friends where the lovely bar lady kindly created a tasty new mocktail for me which has now taken on the name of ‘The Miguelito’.

As soon as the others arrived, the real dress up party began, complimented with more tasty mocktails, cavas, and a range of little testers of what the kitchen has to offer this summer, my favourite being the goats cheese, caramelised onion and strawberry slice. It sounds like an odd combination but tastes amazing.

We were only there for a few hours, and it remained a completely tame evening, but in that short time, there were at least 3 costume changes, 5 different location shoots and a range of live music performances on the terrace, the inside bar and the red stage.

Esther sings it out loud at SLUIZ

A super cool restaurant with a rock n roll menu (literally, their menu is themed around different rock stars from the past), and a cabaret, theatrical vibe, where not only do the staff and performers dress up, but the guests are invited to get involved too.

Big thanks to SLUIZ for their great concept, friendly pricing, and quality entertainment, and big thanks to Petra for the invite and all the crew for a proper fun little evening and break away from the studio. We’ll be back again throughout the summer for sure.