Taking a Jump for Luck – Introducing Lucky Life TV


Lucky Life are soon to jump into a brand new venture, leaving the life they have been shown, for something a little more daring, adventurous and true to our dreams. We’ll be launching an?online video channel from Ibiza, with parties, music, lifestyle and stories from the magic island, and, some of the world’s best parties and festivals. So, it seemed quite fitting before this new jump to the magic rock, to first?jump out of an aeroplane. If we can land and survive a jump from 14,000 ft trusting some Aussie block with a funny hat I’m gonna be strapped to, then surely we can survive (and thrive) with a jump into our dreams of life in Ibiza.?So, before it all begins, here’s a quick shout from Mike,?setting the tone for?what a Lucky Life is all about!! Simply put, a bit of fun in the sun with friends, good times, great music, adventures, dancing, and being free to really enjoy this Lucky Life we live.


Big thanks to Skydive Ramblers?for an awesome first jump!!! Loved it, and cant wait to do it again!