When I got news that Mimi Kesaris and Green Jnr, two of my favourite DJ’s from back in my earliest days of dance in South Africa, were due to be venturing north of the equator, and I couldn’t let this opportunity go amiss.

So, with the boys venturing this far north, I put together a Lucky Life experience of Ibiza and made both our dreams come true, as we had Mimi Kesaris and Green Jnr on tour across some of our favourite sunset spots of Ibiza along with Ben Fhurst and the Lucky Life Music crew.

Rooftop Sunsets

From Tomi’s rooftop in Cala Vedella with 20 people, from 10 countries, to a crazy Cirque de la nuit boat party, a trip out to Hi Ibiza for Black Coffee and culminating at the iconic sunset spot, Cafe del Mar, needless to say, a great time was had by all. Connecting people, cultures and music, creating incredible parties, experiences and memories, as we celebrate the Lucky Life we live and share through dance, music and travel.

Ibiza Boat Party

I still remember some of Mimi’s sets in the Durban Clubs of Tilt and Bargo where I worked as a bartender and frequented as a fun loving clubber. Many would remember his times at Crash where his name was forged and his renowned Deep Down and Sold Out album that changed many peoples lives across South Africa. And Green Jnr, also an old friend from many all nighters, me behind the bar, Green behind the decks as one of the youngest DJ’s to spin at Tilt back in the day.

Cafe del Mar

It truly was an honour to have Mimi Kesaris and Green Jnr out on their debut Ibiza tour.

Big love from The_Lucky1_

Tune in to the sounds of Mimi Kesaris and Green Jnr right here with their sunset mix featured on our Pioneer DJ Radio Show and our worldwide Lucky Life Radio Show: