Towards the end of last summer, a guest photographer, Lia Turiano, was passing through Ibiza on her travels, so we got together for a few shoots on the island, from days out wakeboarding to some of the best daytime parties the island has to offer.

Our friends at Pacha kindly offered us a chance to shoot a very special one off event with the Martinez Brothers and Tiga at the brand’s beautiful outdoor resort and entertainment venue, Destino.

With the heavy sound regulations and changes in the laws and licensing, Ibiza’s outdoor daytime parties are becoming few and far between sadly, so when one like this goes down, with favourites like the Martinez Brothers in charge of the sounds and good vibes, everyone gets down for a party.

Lia is a young and talented free spirit from California, travelling across the globe as a surfing photographer shares stories through image as she sets foot on different parts of this beautiful globe we are so blessed to be born on. It was a pleasure to have Lia shoot with us, and we also got to try out her lovely cannon camera for our film shoot on the day. Proud to have another talented artist added to the list of creatives we have collaborated with in this magical journey we call Lucky Life.

As well as all the usual beautiful ibiza people and familiar friends and faces that attend these kind of events, we also had some special visitors that I hadn’t seen in a very long time, from way back in the day, from a fine town called Pinetown in SA. Great to party with you all and enjoy a dance out in the sunshine with you after all these years !!

Big love

Magic Mike & the Lucky Life Family

Photo: Lia Turiano? ? ? ? ? ?Film: Mike Parry? ? ? ? ? ? Edit: Manu Ruiz