Lucky Life TV – The Pilot: Part 1


In 2010, the concept for Lucky Life TV began with the first filming taking place in Durban, South Africa. The pilot is a 2 part trailer and includes?of a few gems worth a visit if you ever happen to get to my Hometown where I learnt to surf with my brothers and my dad

on watch from the carpark for hours. It seemed the most fitting place to film the Pilot as surfing out in those waters with my brothers for hours and days on end, were some of the best times of my life, and those memories (and hopes for more of them in the future) are what keep me going when sometimes I forget what its all about.?So we take you round to some meet, taste and enjoy some food, accommodation options, some more adventurous fun, and of course, some of the local party scene.

The very beginning of Lucky Life TV

Catch part 2 for the highlights of Durban’s nightlife…

A Lucky Life Production

In Association with Hellmot Productions