Rica Diestel of Partysan Ibiza, at the IMS 2012


At the Ibiza IMS 2012, Mike from Lucky Life TV catches up with Rica Diestel, Publisher and Editor or Partysan Magazine. Rica shares with us some history of the Partysan Brand, where it all began and where its roots sit in history. Being the only independent publication produced here on the island, and always remaining neutral across the board, Rica shares some of the challenges and highlights of running the magazine out here in the party capital of the world.

The Ibiza IMS has very quickly become an integral part of the Ibiza Industry Community, now really marking the beginning of the Ibiza Season for many people. Rica tells us a bit more about what IMS means for her and Partysan and why they keep on coming back for more.

Be sure to catch this interview as Rica tells us some highlights of what’s in new publication, as well as, answers to a few funny questions, like, what’s her favourite places to have sex in Ibiza!

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Soundtrack: Soulmelt ‘Same Difference’ (Original Mix) — Celestial Recordings