Over the Ibiza summer of 2018, we got to meet, greet and film many new artists, dancers and DJ’s as we entered into the world of theatre and parties with Elements Ibiza and their weekly parties at Cirque du soleil’s Heart Ibiza. Now in the winter time, we look back to some of the highlights of the summer, and feature some of the Elements Ibiza artists on our weekly worldwide radio show. This week, we have special guest Andy Rourke who played twice through the summer, and also played up at their Benirras Beach Club in the north of the island. Head into the mix with Andy Rourke and catch a full length interview with him, taken up on the terrace on the night of his Elements Ibiza at Heart summer performance.

Images by Elements Ibiza Photographers

Here’s a few words from DJ Andy Rourke about his choice of music, producers featured and his favourite track of this weeks Lucky Life Radio mix:

“So the mix is called Lunar Walks, I recorded it in Ibiza in December and it has some new tracks from Blond:ish’s label Abracadabra, from Nick Warren’s label Soundgarden and from a gifted Argentinian produced resident in Ibiza called Kintar, among many other talented musicians. Fave track is probably Tribute by Nick Mendes – because of the sweet xylophone notes with emotional strings”

We hope you enjoy the sounds of DJ Andy Rourke on Lucky Life Radio. Check out the highlights video below from the week Andy played his first set of the summer with Elements Ibiza.

July 16th Andy Rourke, John Acquaviva, Chromatic Filters