This week on Lucky Life Radio, we bring you a guest set from Australian born and raised, Ibiza based label artist, DAZZLA. We head round to his home studio with the beautiful view over the long playa den bossa beach and Formentera, to record a guest mix, catch a one on one interview, and enjoy a sunset barbecue / braai together, as would be expected from an Ozzie & Saffa get-together where the sun shines.

We get to chat about his summer in Ibiza, studio time, his gigs off the island, upcoming travels and his collaboration with Smart Charter Ibiza, the islands biggest boating company which Dazzla curates all the music for and also DJs on many of the private boats and events. At the beginning of the summer, we joined Dazzla and about 50 friends for a day out with Smart Charter to experience and enjoy 14 of their fleet of 50 boats at a secret location up the east coast of Ibiza. We made a short video report with some of the highlights of the day with Dazzla out on the decks. Soundtrack on this video is one of the upcoming releases from Dazzla in collaboration with Label Boss Ben Fhurst, named Kooka (like the kookaburra bird, native to Australia, as are these two great producers).

Smart Charter Ibiza Partners Day with Dazzla

DAZZLA had his first release out on Lucky Life Music last year alongside STKD with his track Denounced, and in just under a week, his new collaboration with Tom Pool: ‘Rubix’ comes out on the Lucky Nights side of the label.