Way back when our first Ibiza experiences began as tour promoters with the legendary Ibizan Heat Rave weeks, we met South African DJ and Producer Christoph Koch aka DJ Snake, and built a good musical and party based friendship from the very beginning. Since then, Chris has visited Ibiza several times and featured on our Lucky Life TV and radio, as well as playing a few gigs for us here on the island.

This week, on the new Lucky Life Merged Music Show, episode 325, we bring you a debut from Chris’s new back to back Live collaboration with his SA homeboy?Gerhard Coetzee aka Gerry Liberty, ‘Lectric Licks’ which was recorded recently at ‘Make Believe’s’ New Years festival ‘Full Circle’ on the Western Cape of South Africa.

“Lectric Licks” is a live/dj act playing deep house and melodic techno accompanied with live electric guitar, keys and synth licks, and as you will hear in this recording, its very blues & rock inspired. This set was played out in nature on a craft beer farm out in the Western Cape in a town called Porterville. Chris recently sent the set over to me as they are on their way over to Europe soon, and I loved it so much, I had to get it out on our radio show and share the sounds of this duo with all of you too.

The boys also recently also played at the ‘Equinox – Echanted Forest’ event, where our label artist Khubu?took to the stage in the depth of the forest right after the Lectric Licks. Khubu has also spent many a summer in Ibiza with us as part of the LuckyLand team, working on music and films, and playing at our events across Ibiza. Music, bringing people together, from Ibiza to the forests of South Africa. Love this Lucky Life we live.

For a bit more info on the boys past gigs and their upcoming plans for a swiss summer, check out the info below.

“Lectric Licks” is a live electronic music act that was founded by Christoph Koch (Snake SA) and Gerhard Coetzee (Gerry Liberty) in 2016. Snake started his dj career in London in 2001. He has since played in the UK, Spain, Holland, Norway and his home country South Africa. Gerry has been an solo artist since his student years. Performing all over South Africa and Switzerland. Snake loved Gerry’s style of playing and always wanted to ad such a live element to his sets. They had drinks, started jamming and the rest is history! Since then they have played at Caprice (Campsbay), Kalmer Karma NYE parties, Windtown Hotel Rooftop Parties, Searl’s Post (Greyton) exclusive Midsummers Night Dream party and Afrikaburn, an event Ben Fhurst and I are desperately gagging to get to very soon.?

Big thanks to Chris and the Lectric Licks for this musical journey into the forest, we would have loved to have been there out in nature with you for this 3 day festival, hopefully back on SA lands with you before you venture back to Europe.

Until the next time, thanks for tuning in to the Lucky Life Music show where we spread the sounds and good vibes of our label artists and some very special guests from across the globe.

See you summer time.