Before another summer season sets off in full swing, the Lucky Life crew head out from Ibiza to one of my favourite cities; Amsterdam, for the annual King’s Day boat party. This week, on the Lucky Life Music Show, we bring you a guest mix from Michael Morton, our main man in the dam.

A funky, classic, eclectic mix of music, quite well suited to the vibrantly mixed group of people, ages and nationalities we had on our boat, from midday to 6pm on Saturday as we cruised the canals of Amsterdam

From the Beastie Boys to the Bee Gee?s, Dutch rap to Queen and then, believe it or not, even some house music in there, right alongside the Prodigy. Enjoy this mix with Mike.?

The King’s Day experience is like no other, from finding friends from Ibiza heading over on the same flight, to being collected by your host on a boat, the beautiful city of canals, and the thousands of bicycles, scooters, trams and cars that somehow all flow amongst and around each other. And as for King’s Day itself, every year I am blown away by:

  • Just how many boats manage to creep their way into the canals,
  • That so many people fly in from around the globe for this special day with us, and
  • By the amazing energy that is shared between everyone throughout this event, with food, drinks and hi’5s not only shared on each boat, but between boats as they pass each other by in the narrow canals of the city.

Each year, Mike & Ben from Lucky Life join forces with Mike Morton and Thomas Groenhart, the Amsterdam locals, to host an unforgettable boat party through the canals of Amsterdam. As well as 6 hours of some wildly fun and crazy times on the boat, with many old friends and always some new faces, on the days either side of this event, we are always treated to amazing meals out, quiet canal cruises, city tours and the all the best of what this magical little city of Amsterdam has to offer.

A big thanks to Mike Morton and Thomas Groenhart for having us over for yet ANOTHER quality King’s Day Boat Party extravaganza. And Mr Morton, big thanks to you for this eclectic mix of music bringing back the memories from our King’s Day adventure, for your great hospitality as always, the airport pick ups and drop offs (by boat) and for the best moments & friendship shared between the Mike’s over the last decade. You’re a legend my friend.

Until the next time, stay lucky friends