Welcome to the home of Brazilian music, food, arts, culture and passion, right here in the centre of Ibiza. We’re proud to introduce a new partnership with this themed concept restaurant, building a strong name across the island since its successful launch last year.

On the road to Santa Getrudis, away from the clubs and tourist town, Pau Brasil is like a magical oasis in the middle of the magic island that transports you completely to another world. From the moment you enter, greeted by the friendly passionate staff, surrounded by palms, banana trees and beautiful flowers all round, you know that you’re in for a special night for the sensations. A?new wooden bar, extended restaurant and performance stage has recently been installed, and Brazilian themed art and decor, live bands, capoeira shows and dancers?fill your night’s experience. And, of course, an array of mouthwatering meats delivered to your plate through the night, complimented by a fruit, vegetable, chilli and cheese buffet that has both meat eaters and vegetarians completely satisfied on every serving.

Tomorrow night, Pau Brasil host their Official ReOpening Party and Lucky Life will be?there to capture all the highlights throughout the evening. The performers and shows, meat feast and vegetarian buffet and some of what they crowd may have to say. We are also proud to announce Pau Brasil will be one of our main restaurants partners this summer, also being featured on our Ibiza Live TV Channel screened in over 6000 hotel rooms across 40 Ibiza hotels this summer. We’re excited to work with the Pau Brasil family, passionate about food and music, performance and guest experience, value for money, top quality service, and a truly authentic Brazilian experience.