Ibiza has so much to offer in its variety of music and clubs, cultures and calas, yet one for the most interesting journey?s I have been on since moving to this hedonistic homeland has surprisingly been the culinary journey of food with some of the worlds best chef?s, restaurants and dining experiences I?ve come across on this magical little rock.

We recently enjoyed a night of variety at the islands only Brasilian Churrascaria, Pau Brasil, set in the heart of the island, less than 10 minutes drive from Ibiza Town. For this film and photo shoot we brought together some of our lovely friends from the island to be the stars of our show and captured the best moments that this tantalising food experience has to offer.?

As well as producing our client content, we also ensure the message reaches potential clients through social media, our youtube channel and even TV screens and LED displays across the island of Ibiza.

This is the first of a series of videos we?ll be producing with Pau Brasil this summer as we delve deeper into the Brasilian experience, so watch this space as we bring you more from the menu, the kitchen, the stage and behind the scenes each month.

Big thanks to Petra, Ester, Donaes and Gustin for joining us for the filming feast and bringing the smiles and good vibes we love them for.?

See you soon at Pau Brasil