Ibiza Style Spanish Omelette


We come to a close of this first series with a very authentic local dish, the Spanish Tortilla, yet of course, done in a very unique, flavoursome and beautifully presented recipe by the lovely Tess Prince. Back on Ronnie’s farm, I was happy to be around all the animals and the beautiful farm lands, and even blessed with enjoying the treats of Tess’s labour after a days shooting. Loving this lucky (food) life 🙂

A word from Tess about this Episode:
Using all the amazing ingredients from my foraging experience in the previous episode, we put together the most beautiful, tastiest Spanish omelette with the help of one of the best tortilla cooks on the island. This is served with a stunning vibrant salad of handpicked persimmons, pomegrantes and local buratta ? filmed at our favourite organic farm, Can Pere Mussona?