Hippie Egg Foraging and Farm Yard Visits


Another great experience here as we met an old French ‘Hippie’, artist and organic egg farmer/ chicken breeder who lives up in the hills of Ibiza, before we then head over to Can Pere Musson, a magical pig farm just up near Santa Eulalia where we get taught how to make a classic Spanish omelette, as well as introduced to Rhonnie and his amazing story of saving the black pig of Ibiza. An amazing journey of discovery through Ibiza for this episode, I really do love the winter here, and the variety of life, trends, farmers, foods and unique styles and classes of people. I’ll leave it to the video and Tess’s intro below to let you in on whats ahead, but I gotta say, massive respect for Ronnie Mussona the Black pig saviour of Ibiza, an amazing man who has done great things for the animals of Ibiza. Enjoy this episode as head to hills to find some eggs, before meeting Ronnie:

A word from our Chef Tess Prince:

I collect THE happiest, tastiest eggs on the island from hippy artist and philosopher Pascal Poca Sombra before foraging for some amazing wild pomegranates and persimmons deep in the Ibiza campo. I then take my fabulous fresh bounty to Ronnie Mussona?s organic farm where he breeds some of the island?s most endangered species and we talk about organic farming and the Ibicencan tradition of Mantaza. Then in the following episode I rustle up a divine secret family tortilla recipe with the most beautiful vibrant salad to accompany it.