When I first interviewed George Evelyn from Nightmares on Wax on the Woolhouse Studios Ibiza DJ Photoshoot back in 2012, I asked him about some of the secrets of Ibiza, and why he talked so highly of the winter time.

You can take a peak at the interview below where George goes in depth about the bliss and the bless of the Ibiza Winters. It was a surprise to me. The summer was everything I had ever dreamed of! Clubs, parties, thousands of beautiful, crazy tourists from all around the world enjoying blistering heat and sunshine, boat parties, beach clubs, swimming in the Mediterranean sea, and dancing to the world’s best house music around the clock. What the hell could the winter have to offer once everything is shut, and almost everyone has left??

Although I’ve been here for 4 out of the last 6 winters, my off season time has mostly been spent hiding away at home, preparing the plans for the following summer domination as I attempt yet another Lucky Life take over, or, recovering from the motorbike accident.

However, this winter, I’ve moved into a new home, business is going great, I’ve got lots of international film work from Moscow to Amsterdam and more, which means a lot of my winter will be spent away. So, I’ve promised myself to make the most of this downtime, to get to know and enjoy the island and it’s people as much as I can, connecting with nature, and preparing for the travels and the upcoming summer in a whole new, healthier, more balanced way than the previous years.

2012 Interview with George Evelyn

A week ago, I had the one of the greatest starts to the new year ever. I had a quiet night in, and woke up early on new years day, ready for a day on the beach with what turned out to be I’m sure over 1000 people, enjoying the beautiful Salinas strip, warm sunshine and the first swim of the year with a truly unique event that has grown year on year since it’s inception 9 years ago by the Vino & Co Ibiza wine company.

First swim of 2019

Less than a week later, 3 lovely ladies I am lucky to have as my friends on this magic island inspired me for an early morning rise after yet another late night edit session, with an invitation to join them for the ‘5 Peaks Walk’ just a few km’s from my house, hiking from Salinas to Cap des Falco.

These adventurous ladies go on walks almost every weekend. They take the dogs along, and sometimes the boyfriends & husbands join too, so I honestly thought I was in for a gentle stroll through some pine tree forests, up some hills and passing a nice view point or two.

Much to my surprise and delight, it was a serious hike, up some rocky ‘mountain’ sides, walking the edges of a couple-hundred metre high cliff faces and negotiating our way down down some pretty steep and slippery slopes. This was a lot more than I had expected or geared myself up for, but these ladies (and the pooches) enthusiasm and positive energy ensured there would be no turning back.

Even though she was struggling with some serious back pain, Kelly led the way, and set the pace, as we started off on an adventure these ladies were well accustomed to. I hung at the back, so I could stop to take photos along the way without getting in anyones way and appreciate the walk and the beauty at my own pace.

It wasn’t long before we had moved on from the Salinas starting point and were reaching new heights and views I had never seen before, at each peak, getting a new perspective on an island I feel I know so well, yet still have so much to learn about and from.

Amazing views, great conversations, warm ‘winter’ sunshine,? connecting with nature, happy dogs all round, new perspectives on Ibiza and the Salt Flats, and even the magical Es Vedra in sight, all enjoyed while getting a good work out, breathing, and disconnecting from society, reality and work for a few hours. What more could I ask for?

While walking with Tess Prince, the amazing food loving chef who’s cooking show I produced a few years back, Love Food Ibiza, she reminded me of the incredible and abundant gifts nature is always holding on offer all around us. Every now and then, Tess would stop and point out another plant or herb she new some magical recipe for. She’d grab a bunch of it and offer me a taste, a chew or to store and save for later, making teas, meals or using it for some plant healing property these ‘bushes’ I often walked past and paid no attention to have for us.

As we came to the 5th and final peak, we stopped to appreciate the most incredible view. From this point, we had the enormous salt flats to the right of us, with two flocks of flamingos gathered in the middle pools, Sa Caleta and the magical magnetic Es Vedra in front of us, the Mediterranean sea and the edges of Spanish mainland just in view off to the left, and behind us, Formentera and Playa den Bossa, home of some of the world’s best and most famous clubs and parties.

It was at this moment that I suddenly realised what George from Nightmares on Wax had meant all those years ago when he said the winter was his favourite thing about Ibiza. In the summer, we’re all too busy being involved in our roles of the Ibiza clubbing and tourist industry to meet and disconnect for long walks like this, and even if we had the time, its far too hot once May has passed, I would have needed a gallon of water to do that walk in the peak of the summer.

Inspired by our new years day dip in the ocean, I took my tired legs for the final challenge of the day as I ran out into the cold but crystal clear waters of Salinas for a an after hike swim, followed by a a picnic on the beach, enjoying some tasty treats we’d each brought along, with Tess Prince’s salad dressing winning the best flavours award hands down. I was for sure The_Lucky1_ as I got to take home the left overs for dinner that night.

The sunshine filled ‘winter’ weekend continued on with more magic as I visited St Jordi Hippie Market on Saturday for a browse around, filled up on wood ready for the weekend and popped into a local tapas bar in Ibiza Town where I met some truly interesting Ibiza personalities. Sunday, it was all about San Juan market where the lovely Nell Shakespeare was performing some love filled covers with her powerful voice thats become very well known across the island these days. The market was filled with everything from fresh organic fruits and vegetables, arts, home made crafts, and an amazing vibe brought by the wild mixture of nationalities and cultures this island has become so well known for.

Next I ventured on to Wild Beets for some vegan treats, where I left the menu to one side and let my lovely friend Leanne order her favourites for us to share, which included a mix of tacos, nachos, beetroot ravioli complimented by lemon grass and ginger tea. As the bill came, the sweet tooth arrived. I got out the desert menu, and how could I say no, they had a double chocolate vegan cheesecake. Double choc, double yum.

As wonderful as this all was, and as satisfied as I was feeling, lets be honest, a balanced Ibiza experience isn’t quite complete?without a chance to dance the dinner off, so I popped along to birthday boy Vito’s winter closing of the Ethereal Party at Nagai where I got to catch many of the performers I’ve filmed & featured throughout the summer, from Juri Menicucci with a blinding set just after sunset, Medussa Oddyssey with their eclectic and uplifting live set, Megablast who closed up the terrace just after 10pm after flying in straight from his last gig in Venice the day before, as well as many of my favourite artists, dancers and Ibiza Family.

My top track of the night played by Juri Menicucci

Thanks to George for the insight, I recently got to shoot again with him at his home studio for DMC magazine reporting on his soon to be released ‘Back to Mine ‘ album I am very excited to be sharing soon. George, you knew what you were talking about all those years ago when you told me the winter held the finest treats. And I feel like my journey of discovery has only just begun. Now thats a Lucky weekend. 2019 is off to a magical start, hope you’re in good spirits wherever you are in the world. If not, pop over for a magical weekend on this special rock, full of magic surprises and more sunshine than you can imagine, all year round.

With Love