For 3 years running, the Lucky Life media team have produced the promotional videos, artist announcements, interviews and after movies for the Electric Gardens Festival, now taking place in 5 states across Australia, entertaining over 30,000 festival lovers. After overseeing the process remotely since the opening show in 2015, this year, Lucky Life director, Mike Parry, flew to Sydney to oversee the shoots on the ground, meet the film crews, and interview a long list of the headline artists including Armand Van Helden, Dubfire, Nicole Moudaber, Doorly, MK and many more, as well managing to grab a short and sneaky catch up with Fatboy Slim after the final show.

Catch this weeks Lucky Life Radio show featuring interviews with the Electric Gardens headliners and some of their productions, a new track coming out soon from our label artist Trevor O’Neil on Reptile Dysfunction, and tracks from the Fatboy Slim vs Australia album used as the soundtrack to our next day after movies.

Now in our 3rd year with Electric Gardens Festival, our remote production process has become streamlined, never missing a beat on what needs to be captured, the quality of each film and meeting every deadline no matter the hours, logistics and last minute changes. In Perth, we continued our work with Brittany and Jason, who have done all our Perth events, as well as the Carl Cox show at Redhill Auditorium. Only two days before the event, we had a new crew offer to assist, so a big thanks to the 4Film collective who joined the Perth team last minute and captured some amazing content and ensured for immediate delivery after the show to our Ibiza edit team. In Melbourne we worked with two of our trusted and very well experienced crew from the last 2 years, Ryan and Liam who helped us with some great coverage of the Melbourne Weekender on St Kilda. In Brisbane, we continued on for a third year with our favourite Tim & Kye who shoot with some top quality equipment and always get the movement shots we, and our client, love so much. For our debut in Adelaide, I called on a trusted friend and filmer from Ibiza, Jodie, who ensured some great shots were captured from day to night, a drone flyer was brought in and all footage was delivered across the oceans right on time. And over in Sydney, rather than our usual crews we had worked with the last two years, Electric Gardens brought in some friends who film for us to direct on this shoot, and we had a great time working with the boys from their recommended team. Big thanks to all our remote film and production teams, proud of the work we do together. Thank god for good internet!

On site to assist Mike for the day was a young and excited media student (now taking his skills and passions into the fashion industry); Jedediah Ebert, who’s dreams seemed to begin coming true as he took on his role backstage at the Electric Gardens Festival. Below, Jedd shares the story from his perspective of the first steps taken to living his Lucky Life.

?Working backstage with Mike & Lucky Life at The Electric Gardens Festival – Sydney 2018?

I haven?t missed a single festival within two hours distance of my house since I was 15 years old. I live and breath the atmosphere of the entire experience. The bass pumping it?s way through the air or anything that gets in the way. The cheers of thousands of fans begging the artist to know they are there, just for them. The excitement of long lasting friendships flourishing and new relationships on the cusp of beginning. I always get goosebumps as I approach the gates but this time it was different; it was a new kind of goosebump; a nervous one mixed with eagerness. I was there with a purpose – to experience my potential future and to see the world of backstage life.

I was worried about running late and what to wear. Do I look professional or dress like a punter? It?s my first time working as a media runner so I naturally pick a loud pink floral shirt and sky blue ripped denim shorts with white sneakers. I later learnt this was no match for the dust that would attack any individual, toes to crotch. I?m in the cab as it arrives to a gated area at the back of Centennial Park and I?m signed in with the simple access of my name. I then receive my media pass and walk through the busy backstage clatter. I ask three people if I?m in the right place before I find it and finally meet my supervisor who instructs me of the daily tasks.

All of this was very exciting because I felt a slither of importance for being around this industry making its way up my spine.?

Once I got to know a few of the people at the media tent (which was to be my base for the day) I settled with an instant comfortability of Mike from Lucky Life Ibiza.

I saw Mike interviewing the artists and something inside of my was ignited; that?s what I WANT and NEED to do with my life. Mike was easy to talk to, a relaxed and inviting kind of person. He wore comfortable shorts for the melting heat of the day and a fun smiley face t-shirt. After we talked for a while about his exuberant life living non-stop on the island of Ibiza, I began to observe how he approached the artist and connected with them to construct a natural and approachable environment.

I learnt a lot on this day but the main thing I learnt was how to have fun with the process and to create new networking relationships. First up was Armand Van Helden. I strained all surfaces of my body to not show fan girl emotions while instructing him to come to the media tent. I met Gorgon City, Young Franco, Mk, Dubfire, Apollina, Motez and more. They all had a certain charismatic feature about them and it made me want to get to know them. I kept on top of my job for fetching the artist from their green rooms and was introduced to a world of non stop laughter, smiles and lots of drinks. The media tent was directly behind the main stage which supplied me with a constant fuel of excitement and ambition to keep going through the day.

The atmosphere was on fire, as I?m sure screams of joy could be heard a few kms away in the city centre.

Mike was spinning all day, from directing the 4 person film crew shooting the days highlights, linking with the drone crew, the stage managers, and, while stood behind two cameras in the media tent, he conducted interviews with all the day?s headliners. He asked many artists throughout the day how they were holding up after their travels across the globe, he made them laugh, and made the discussion fun through asking about Australian animals, celebrities and the experiences they?ve had with Sydney culture.

I watched with intent, knowing that one day that I would be doing what he does.?

The sun began to go down later and the sky was filled with hundreds of bats flying around to suss out the festival and see the action.

After packing up for the day hands were shook and numbers exchanged. I felt a little sad getting ready to leave for the day because i had just experienced the nirvana of knowing what I wanted to do with my career – but in my gut I knew this would not be the last time I did this. I left the tent and joined the welcoming cheers of eleven thousand dancing fans to help celebrate the night. ELECTRIFYING. A great day working alongside Mike backstage at the Electric Gardens Festival, getting a real taste of the ?Lucky Life? ways, working with some of the world?s top DJs and music producers.

Jedediah Ebert, Living Lucky at the Electric Gardens Festival 2018

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