Imagine you are an aspiring chef creating mouthwatering recipes in your tiny little home kitchen, when suddenly, Gordon Ramsey uses your favourite recipes on his new cooking show. Or imagine you are a budding fashion designer, cutting and producing rare rags for the rich when one day, while watching your favourite fashion channel, Kate Moss chooses to wear your dress on a celebrity night out. That feeling of recognition, success, joy and pure excitement that must fill your heart, mind and soul as you see & feel your dream coming true right in front of you. Now thats a feeling worth living for, worth driving and striving for. It’s a feeling one of our Lucky Life Music artists has on several occasions this summer as Carl Cox, as well as Adam Beyer, Luciano, Roger Sanchez, Marco Carola and many more of the top DJs in the house and techno industry, choose his his productions to play out at the worlds biggest & best clubs, festivals and parties.

We recently caught up with our label artist Horatio for an chat about his success in the studio, the recognition he’s been getting by the big guys and his recent trip out to ibiza.

When did you first start producing music?

I started producing in 1999-2000. In Romania there was a lack of extended mixes so I had to make them in order to have them for mixing.

Then I started to edit the tracks. There was a slow R&B song which everybody was listening to and I edited it and transformed it into a hip hop track. I started to play it and the people loved it. My DJ friends asked me for copies of it and it went viral via cd. Then arrived the call from band manager who told me to come to their studio to get a contract signed for this edit.

I explained to them that this was my first edit and that I had actually never done a track in my life. They were very professional, got it signed, gathered a lot of hype and slowly I started to learn more production.

Since 2005 I adopted the moniker HORATIO and everything went crazy.



What made you know your sound would be techno?

I always had a thing for more energetic music. I was very young when I first started listening to LA Style – James Brown Is Dead, Friendship, Lord Of Acid and FANTASIA tapes without even knowing they were mixed by CARL COX.
You know my friend, I was writing the track names on the bench at school to memorise them. I was organising parties from a very early age and my friends knew since I was very young that I was into the music. Everything developed naturally. From R&B to Hip Hop then to dance music, then to a progressive, darker, more serious sounds. After all this, came the tech house revolution and for me, this was the style that put me on the map by arriving on the 7th place on Beatport general 100. I achieved my goals in the tech house style by having the number one tune in Romania on radio for 20 weeks in a row. There was nowhere to go higher than this. I was also in danger of being considered a commercial DJ as my tunes were so successful and being played by the biggest names in the industry so I decided to go even higher and went to techno and closed the circle from my childhood musical dreams. So I evolved slowly to a more techno sound, higher energy, better production and then it hit me, for this I was preparing my whole life. This is my journey to techno. In 2019 I got 7 techno tracks played by Carl Cox in the same set and for me this is a reason to be proud of my hard work.


How did it feel when you first saw Carl Cox and the biggest names in the industry were starting to play your tracks at parties across the globe?

It was a sleepless night. For me Carl Cox was the untouchable god. I’ve been to Ibiza, I saw who he was and yes he is a techno GOD. For me I crossed another line from the bucket list. It is an amazing sensation to get the really big DJ validation for your music. It really helps you get over haters, doubters, no-sayers, hecklers and more. I used to have a lot of those.

Each track being played by a big DJ is a proper statement to my hard work, commitment and dedication. In the end, thats the most important thing. Play the music, get the validation from the crowd and the big DJ, and also to enjoy this amazing journey.

Each support came when I was ready to receive it. No matter if it was Carl Cox, Pete Tong or Roger Sanchez. What is important is that those tunes had that IT factor to make the crowd go crazy. In the end thats the most important thing.


I’ve personally seen you backstage at many of the Ibiza parties working your magic to get your music into the right hands. Whats your secret in promo, or does your music just do the talking?

Many of my friends are saying that I don?t enjoy Ibiza as much as I should do. For me, I never came to Ibiza just for fun, but rather to work and promote myself as much as I can.

If that means cutting fun in half, then it is a worthwhile sacrifice. There is no big secret in this. Sacrifice part of the fun to make contacts, establish a network, get a personal touch with people and the results will come.

Many do not understand something that one friend of mine called Pete once noticed: ?Horatio, you did so much, ahead of coming to Ibiza and now it is very easy for you to work with the people with which you have already established connections?.

So I guess it is a combination of both: my music doing its magic and also a personal touch in connecting with people.


You got to join us out in Ibiza earlier this year for your annual summer visit, tell us about some of your highlights from this trip?

For me it was the most electrifying moment of the year. From playing at the amazing private party at Mr. Tomi Mo’s home in Cala Vadella to playing at the Lucky Life Music?s banging boat party with Ben Fhurst who I deeply admire (lawyer by day, DJ by night – he is the Bruce Wayne of Ibiza), to reconnecting with you Mike, with Gee, with Steve and many more.

Also Jose Maria Ramon and his team at Ibiza Global Radio which were great hosts and Ramon Castells at the amazing Sunset Ashram. And, last but not least Iban, Eva & Cristian for doing their magic at HouseRoom. There were a lot of highlights in the time i spent in Ibiza.

For me it was an amazing experience: day parties, night parties, boat parties, half work, half fun, meeting new people, getting to interact with people, everything is a piece of a puzzle that makes the journey interesting.

Like Mr.Tomi Mo said: ?you did in one week what others did in 1 year? that I think it summarise all my experience.

In the end I strongly recommend to go to IBIZA. No matter what you read, no matter what you see on tv, youtube or more, you have to experience it on your own and if there is one thing that I last want to mention is this:

“Thank you for being such an amazing host Magic Mike. You’ll be seeing us back soon.?

Ben Fhurst & Horatio - Lucky Life Music Boat Party

Horatio, you are a true Lucky Lifer, working hard to make your dreams come true from your home studio in Romania, making the most of every opportunity you are given and I’m sure it wont be long before we see you playing alongside the likes of Carl as your success continues. Keep up the great work!

Lucky2B@Live - Horatio & Katy Prado