Our latest addition to the Lucky Life Music family The Ger-Man who released his debut track on the label, ‘Don’t Preach Me‘ last month kicks off the year with the first of our monthly mixes, sent out from his studio in Rottweil over in Germany giving us a taste of his DJ sets, also featuring several of his own tracks and remixes.

We caught up with The Ger-Man for an interview about the festive season, this mix and his upcoming summer of gigs and releases to find out a little more about him, what inspires his music and whats got him excited for 2020.

Lucky Mike: Hey Marius, welcome to the Lucky Life Family and thanks for this mix of music to get the year off to a dancing start. Can you tell us, what was your inspiration behind this mix?

The Ger-Man: I wanted to make sure that new listeners get an idea of what “The Ger-Man? sounds like so I included a lot of my own tracks and remixes and played some tunes I prefer playing at gigs at the moment. In general, it?s something between starting with Deep House, getting into more uplifting happy house vibes ending in some Bumpy UK- Tech-House Hands Up stuff.

Lucky Mike: Great stuff, well we really enjoyed the mix, and great to hear your new label release in there as well as some of the other Lucky Life Music artists being featured too!

What mood were you in while doing the mix, and what sort of audience did you have in mind for it?

The Ger-Man: Actually I was in a quiet laid back mode during the set as I did it in the living room with some friends listening. Nevertheless the vibe gets more impulsive and clubby in the second half of the set.

Lucky Mike: Ah nice one, so you had an audience there while making the mix, I’m sure it got everyone up and dancing in your living room, some of my favourite parties happen in living rooms !

So tell us, the festive season has come and gone, how was Christmas and New Years?

The Ger-Man: I like the Christmas spirit and also the period of the year because people at least pretend to shift into a lower gear and that?s what I tried also which means lots of family and friends time, less social media and smart phone.

Lucky Mike: I can’t agree with you more on that one Marius! Glad you got some important time to connect with family and friends. I took a week off and stayed up at a house in the hills of Ibiza without any signal to disconnect from all the madness, and had some really great connections over Christmas. It really does help us re-energise and prepare for what I believe is a great year we have entered.

And on that note, what would you say you are most looking forward to in 2020?

The Ger-Man: Besides my new releases that are already in the pipeline of course one big point on my bucket list is to play on the most iconic party island of Ibiza, where no matter what kind of venue or party, I think the spirit is unique.

And privately, just staying healthy and lose 10 pounds.

Lucky Mike:?Great plans and goals for the year ahead my man ! We’re working on the event schedule for summer at the moment and we hope to have you over for your debut gig with us, and together, with some good eating, sleeping, raving and retreating, you’ll tick all the boxes of your year in just one week in Ibiza.

Thanks again for the great music, on this mix and on the new release, and we wish you all the best for 2020 and the future collaborations together.

To you Lucky One’s out there, The Ger-Man has included a track list for you below so you can grab your favourite tracks from this mix. Enjoy and see you all for a dance in the sunshine this summer.

Big love,

Mike and the Lucky Life Music Family.

The Ger-Man’s Mix – Tracklist:

01.Andre Rizo ? Save me (The Ger-Man Remix)

02.Kings of Tomorrow ? Breach (Original Mix)

03.The Ger-Man ? Another Party (Original Mix)

04.Alex Preston ? Here to stay (Original Mix)

05.The Ger-Man ? ID Unreleased Track

06.Sharam Jey, Jean Bacarreza ? Da Beat (Original Mix)

07.The Ger-Man ? Tell?em no (Original Mix)

08. Sharam Jey, Andruss, Dewitt Sound – Right Back (Extended Mix)

09.Pimpo Gama ? Que Pasa (The Ger-Man Remix)

10. George Kwali – Feel The Heat (Original Mix)

11. The Ger-Man ? Don?t preach me (Original Mix)

12. Horatio ? Mountain (Original Mix)

13. Ben Fhurst & Dazzla ? Kooka (Original Mix)