The birth of a new channel of communication is always good news, especially when those at the helm wield as much in the way of experience and reputation. A team of professionals whose chief goal in life is to spread energy, emotion and feeling through the best sound on the island. Ibiza, the island that they love and live on, the epicentre of electronica, mecca of music.

PURE IBIZA RADIO launched earlier this year in April 2017- a brand new radio station, a project put together by one of the island?s most important radio hosts, producer and?DJ, David Moreno. 25 years in the game, broadcasting his Ibiza Dance radio programme on different island stations over the years. Few have dedicated so much time, effort, energy, illusion and passion to dance music as Moreno, preserving the spirit of Ibiza at all times.

Tonight, David Moreno welcomes the FollowUs family into the studio from 8-9pm CET.

Please FollowUs and join in for the radio show as we introduce the artists, the message, the love and the music of the FollowUs family, before we later head down to Sankeys and create our new space for parties, freedom and dance in Spektrum!

FollowUs – tonight on Pure Ibiza Radio, later at Sankeys Ibiza in the Rebels Cave, and tomorrow, the next day, next week, follow the love, follow the fun, follow the music, follow freedom! We look forward to sharing the good vibes and our message for freedom with you all tonight!

FollowUs to the Rebels Cave Tonight at Sankeys in Ibiza