FOLLOW US …. to the Rebels Cave


The ?Follow Us? concept is the combination of Evolution and Lucky Life, two Ibiza born platforms and labours of musical love, deep routed in their knowledge, networks and ways of the island, along with Familia, a long running event and label based in London but with a truly international collective and ethos. Between the three a magical recipe for bringing people together in every sense of the word is encapsulated, the epitome of the true essence and spirit of Ibiza.

Bohemian and surrealist imagery coupled with infectious rhythms of sublimely interwoven beats from Resident DJs who have a deep understanding of how to cast their spells on the dancefloor are the key ingredients, whilst the power of the ?word of mouth? being at the very chore of what Follow Us is all about.

This Friday we join the Capadi Rebels for the second week of their Friday Sankeys Ibiza take overs as we launch Follow Us from Spektrum, 1am till late. The Capadi Rebels previously hosted the Spektrum with their Rebels Cave concept alongside Steve Lawler’s Viva Warriors. Over the years, they have continued to make a mark on the island, with their fun loving, friendly atmosphere, great line ups and more open dress codes allowing for a proper party to be had, just the way we like it!

Last week we checked out the opening party of the Rebels Cave, and we were very impressed. The pre party up on the terrace with tasty vegan foods, acai berry bar, live music and vocals, conscious corner, live art and more was just the perfect way to start the party and a enjoy a quiet drink and catch up with friends before the basement began! The club was very impressive as well, with full lounge suites, pillar decorations, new lighting and special touches added all along the way. Needless to say, we are very excited for for you to Follow Us this Friday for a night like you’ll be sure to remember.

For our opening night, we will be showcasing 1 artist from each of the 3 families coming together for FollowUs!!

Follow Us … to a space where you are free to be free, free to love, dance, connect and share…. A place where everybody is welcome…..See you all there