Follow On from Friday….


To all the dancers, lovers, ravers, clubbers, performers and Real Ibiza People who chose to Follow Us on Friday – Thank You – We Love YOU!

Our evening began with the Follow Us Artist Showcase on Pure Ibiza Radio with David Moreno over at the Flamingo Studios before we joined the Rebels Cave pre-party on the open air terrace of Sankeys. In the friday night sky, we were all blessed with a beautiful session of live music for the ears by the Ibango music crew, mouthwatering vegan treats to tantalise the taste buds, live art and spray paint shows for the visual experience, consciousness talks and great conversations for the mind, and a feeling of freedom, togetherness, community and love for the heart.

Following from this energy friendly start to the night, we journeyed downstairs to the Spektrum, and the moment the doors opened, the people followed. A beautiful deep red room, with trees, plants, bohemian artwork, words of inspiration, video art, mono cyclists, jugglers and smiles surrounding you and welcoming you home for the night. Ben Fhurst responded to the sudden crowd arrival with the perfect sound and vibes for the moment, getting our people started early on their journey into the unknown. From Ben Fhurst to Fabio Ferro and later Baly – the Follow Us artists each brought their own very unique sound and musical style to the dance floor that kept our Spektrum room full of smiles, twists, and twirls all night long. A mix of techno, tech house and some pure classics thrown in along the way, but presented in a style that evokes deep emotion and dance energies.

Journeying, connecting, dancing, twirling, twisting and sharing with you is why we do what we do. The feeling, the vibration, the positivity is why we LOVE what we do. And what a great night this was, a real free, colourful, carnival feeling of freedom enjoyed throughout the night !

We had an adventure of a week getting everything ready for the party ! Daytime dancing at DC10 on Monday, family lunch at La Virgin in Figurettas celebrating the London Familia arrival, new T-Shirts delivered and worn with love by all, Pure Ibiza Radio, driving industrial sized vans collecting banana trees for our forest filled dancefloor and MORE?

Honestly, an incredible night had by all. We like to have no expectations in life, but this one blew any imaginations out the water. Thanks to Capadi Rebels and Sankeys Ibiza – See you all again next time as we celebrate Mike from Lucky Life?s Mid Summer birthday.

Follow Us – Friday 11 August – Ibiza

Video: Kalon Film – Photo: Manuel Ruiz – Words: Mike P