Flamingos, Sunsets and Lucky Life Music


Sunday night in Ibiza, its different to anywhere else in the world. The sunset strip of San Antonio is vibrant and full of life from early evening, as people gather for the best view they can find for the?sunset at the the turn of another lucky day. Whether out on the water in front of the strip, chilling on boats for the special moment, down on the rocks with beers in a bag from a nearby shop, or seated at one of the sunset strips famous terrace of restaurants, whichever experience one chooses, everyone is here for the same reason. We come together to celebrate another great day passing and the beginning of a night of adventure into the unknown that lies ahead. The sunset moment and applause gives us a chance to stop and give thanks to the sun, the earth, the full moon and our friends enjoying this Lucky Life with us.

Upstairs at Cafe del Mar, with a nicely elevated view of the magical moment over the ocean, the Lucky Life Music crew took over the soundtrack from sunset till close with their Flamingo Domingo party, showcasing label artists Ben Fhurst, Trevor O’Neil, Rufus White and KHUBU.

We were joined by a great show of friends, some old, some new. One thing?did stand out, the South Africans were out in force once again. From label artist KHUBU, back on the scene and taking on the decks right from sunset with a great welcome back soundtrack, to our crew of 7 friends (Thanks Malik) visiting from Cape Town, most for their first time on the island, and of course, our local Ibiza South African family joined us for a good night of food, drinks, great music and conversations at Cafe del Mar while enjoying the sun go down and the moon later rising up. The Follow Us family also joined us for the night as we set plans in place for our next event at Sankeys this August.

A great mix (pardon the pun!) of music was played through the night. Trev played a nice funky set, Ben always managing to bring out some unexpected but perfect selections, and even though Cafe del Mar is more of a ‘soundtrack to the sunset’ chill session, Rufus still managed to get his own dancefloor going during his set. By the end, not everyone was ready for bed, and neither were the DJ’s, so Trev and Rufus continued on well past closing time with a nice little back to back session.

Listen here to?Rufus White’s set & his back to back session with Trevor O’Neil.

Thanks to Kalon Films for coming down and getting some lovely photos and a little recap of the night for us to?keep and share with those who couldn’t be there.

Next event: Follow Us – Sankeys – Friday August 11th