When you receive an email saying, “We are having a party today with Ellen Allien & Guy Gerber in a private villa” its needless to say that some things are going to have to be rearranged that day.

Following a set of google co-ordinates on a phone that lost the will to live as soon as we got close to the destination was the first challenge, the second was overcoming the excitement as we entered the private abode of one of ibiza many ‘well off folk’ for what was set to be a very good day for those lucky enough to be invited.

The free drinks were flowing and Guy Gerber set the musical ball rolling nicely with some steady beats while Ellen warmed up for her turn.

Once the switch had been made the party really started to bounce with some beautifully tekkie rollers supplied by the lady of the day and by the time the crowd was suitably hot and bothered the moment had come to wrap things up but not before grabbing the willing for a somewhat un-synchronised dive into the pool.

Thanks Boilerroom for a great day, We look forward to the next!