Experiences We Create

Experiences We Create

A collage of images including a blonde lady holding a plate of food, a bedroom of a luxury villa in Ibiza, a man and a women sat on a wooden floor meditating under a thatch roof and a man djing at Pacha with a group of people dancing in front of him with their hands in the air

From dining and dancing to resting and replenishing

Are you looking for a one of a kind retreat that honours both sides of your coin and removes all the hassle of planning? Allow us to gently guide you through a perfectly balanced journey of both energising and relaxing island experiences on our truly unique ‘Eat Sleep Rave Retreat’

We’ll satisfy your soul through meditation, gong baths and soul songs, nourish your body with yoga and high vibration meals while igniting your passions through adventures in nature, live music, and of course, a good old rave to shake it all out.

Get our tailored taste of the very best of a balanced Ibiza, leaving you nourished, entertained, satisfied and excited to come back for more.

The Ibiza experience your inner voice has been calling for


Private Celebrations

Over the last 15 years my team and I have arranged truly unforgettable experiences for our private event clients. We begin with a consultation to better understand you and your desires, and from that point on, I work as your ´man on the ground,´ sourcing, securing and managing every service and requisite needed to make your Ibiza dream come true.

From requirements such as finding your perfect location, decor to suit the style of your event, sound and lighting for the entertainment to unexpected elements like a surprise show from your favourite Ibiza performer, a themed photoshoot, live theatrical shows or your own holiday after movie.

Ibiza, where dreams really do come true

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A collage of images from private celebrations, birthdays and weddings arranged by Lucky Life in Ibiza. Group shots of a groom and the bridesmaids, a happy group of people cheers together, a group of bridesmaids jumping in the air alongside a pool and a singer performing in a beachside restaurant
A Collage of 5 different images from photoshoots in and around ibiza including DJ´s Sneak and Cristian Varela artist photoshoots and 3 young fashion model shoots

The perfect shoot location

From international fashion brands, London photography studios and Ibiza music artists, shooting fashion, music videos, tv pilots and documentaries, since landing on Ibiza some 15 years ago, I have been assisting brands and creatives across the globe successfully execute their film and photo shoots on the island.

Myself and my team arrange your locations, licences, permissions and local production crew as well as transport, catering, hair and make up, equipment and of course, some post shoot entertainment. Everything you could want and need while out on the island that offers a golden light, colourful backdrops and a variety of unbeatable landscapes.

Together, we create, better


Music Tours

Having been a party & DJ promoter for nearly two decades and co-owner of the Lucky Life Music record label, I know how hard it can be to get that lucky break, especially on the dance music capital of the world, Ibiza.

So, I really do love assisting like minded DJ´s, record labels and music academies from all over the world to get their foot in the door and sets on the decks of Ibiza best venues and parties as I arrange their music tours, DJ gigs, studio sessions, meet and greets, club and island access as well as any film, photography and production services they may require while on tour.

Our love for the beat connects us

A collage of photos including DJ´s and music artists in studio being interviewed, on a cliff side being filmed, djing on a boat and at cafe del mar beach club in Ibiza
A collage of images from a Swimming Charity around the island of Ibiza arranged by Lucky Life including images of a team of swimmers running into the sea, swimming around the island in blue seas, a sunset shot and a man, the tour host, carrying a box of catering on his head into the sea
A collage of 4 images showing highlights from a swimming event around Ibiza with a radio host interviewing a guest, the team of swimmers standing together knee deep in the sea, and two images of the team swimming around Ibiza Island

The Ibiza Swim

The most epic event I’ve had the honour of bringing to life. 10 swimmers, 5 boats, 4 days, 2 hotels, 1 ambulance, a team of captains, caterers, media and a whole lot of donors, together raising 12,000€ for charity as these mad but passionate swimmers attempted the first ever full swim around the island of Ibiza.

Unfortunately due to some seriously challenging conditions resulting in rerouting, the swimmers didn’t manage to complete the challenge in the time they had available, however, they swam an incredible 100km in just 4 days, averaging 25km swimming 10 hours per day.

But for me, the swim challenge has never been over. There is still more money to be raised and kilometres to be swam, so, this year, I will be embarking on the challenge myself, raising funds and awareness for our Ibiza Sea Life Regeneration project as I complete the mission which my fellow South Africans set out and inspired me to do back in 2017.

If you have a crazy idea, a charity challenge or a mad sporting event you want to pull off in or around Ibiza, be sure to get in touch, I love the stuff that gives me these kinda thrills. Remember to check out the upcoming episode on Lucky Life TV, revealing the full story of the 2017 Ibiza Swim.

Join me for the swim this summer