A great night at Cafe del Mar on on Wednesday on the sunset strip of San Antonio, home to the balearic sound of Ibiza. Euphonik, out visiting from South Africa, joined resident DJ Ken Fan and Ibiza DJ Heath Holme for an after sunset session, sharing new and unique sounds, taking us on their own magical journey’s to different places for us to imagine ourselves dancing in as each artist took to the decks for their solo sets.

Euphonik played the perfect set for the surroundings, also receiving a really positive response on the african house sound we all know is truly unique, something special and still yet to be discovered in all its forms across the world. His playlist included Shimza’s ‘Uprising’, a Bekzin Terris remix of Black Coffee’s ‘Juju’, djeff Afrozila’s ‘Awakening.’ ?Euphonik also brought in the international sound, with some?classic goose bump international productions, including London Grammar’s ‘Hey Now’ which really was just the right track for the moment.

Heath Holme had great words to say about Euphonik?s track selection and skills as he took us on a real journey with what Heath refers to as his ‘Music Voice,’ particular to each DJ and the route their music takes us on. It?s great to see the guys connect, Australian, South African and UK DJ?s all out together out here in Ibiza, meeting, sharing and spreading the love for music, sunshine and this Lucky Life we all love to live.?

Heath Holme’s track of the night was without a doubt the journey taker, ‘Lullaby’ by Armen Miran & Hraach. A perfect?sound?for the early hours of the evening, celebrating another sundown at Cafe del Mar.

There was some lovely support out for the night, from the SA crew all out with Euphonik, the Lucky Life crew coming in to enjoy what we?ve been talking about for a very long time, Khubu having just landed in Ibiza for now his 4th summer in ibiza with Lucky Life, Umlungu & The Down Low crew starting up a new African House night in Ibiza and even Barbara Tucker & DJQ joined us for a dance. I got to have a chat with Barbara and DJQ and they are both really excited about the track Barbara and Euphonik did earlier this week. It?s sounding real good !!

Cafe del Mar?s new layout is looking great as well, moving the booths and tables down to the mid level, making more room for a little dancefloor in front of the DJ, and even better sunset views with the new moveable roof above the central bar.

The sun set early as the clouds were out above the ocean, but we got some time out on the rocks with Euphonik we spoke about the SA music scene and the message about music and bringing people together that we all share, from Ibiza to South Africa. We?ll be sitting down for a full interview with Euphonik at his next gig at Down Low – this Sunday, 6pm-midnight.

I?m so grateful we have the opportunity to feature our label artist and special guests like Euphonik here at Cafe del Mar, yet it makes it all so worthwhile when I see the smile on Euphonik?s face, as a crowd smiles and dances with pure enjoyment as he makes a dream come true for him too, and he meets and connects with more Ibiza DJ?s like Heath and Ken, sharing music and ideas, as we make the circle bigger! (and the world smaller) ;-)?

To ALL the Cafe del Mar family, bar staff, waitrers/ses, DJ?s, media crew and managers, it?s a real pleasure for us to share the sunset with you all, thanks for always making us feel?at home in your house!?


Photos by Manu Ruiz

Another great track on Euphonik's Cafe del Mar set

Today we continue the South African support as we dance to the sounds of SHIMZA playing at one of Ibiza’s best open air venues, Destino, alongside Guy Gerber and Luciano for tonights opening party!