Do what you love, and what you love will always find you….

Since starting my life in dance music a long time ago, I have worked with, filmed, and promoted a wide range of parties, from my own Lucky Life events across the globe, starting with house parties and boats, and later on to clubs and tours, as well as many clients and partners? club nights and festivals. It?s been one hell of a journey! Fun, crazy and educational. At times, it?s been inspiring, and at other times, it?s been wildy disappointing and confusing.

I first toured to the island with the Ibizan Heat tours. 500 party people, 20 promoters, 30+ DJs, and one wild week experiencing some of the biggest and best clubs and parties Ibiza had to offer. We began filming the tours, interviewing the djs and clubbers and telling stories from the Ibiza scene as we helped promote the tours and sell tickets to visit the magic island of Ibiza. Finally, I saw a path to a career promoting something I really believed in, not just parties, but this magical island and all it has to offer. So, soon after, I quit my sales job in London, and moved to Ibiza to sell something I believed in, rather than just something that paid me a load of cash for moving their product, so I could afford a big house, drive a fast company car and wear an expensive suit to work everyday.

Over the last 7 years, I?ll be honest, it hasn?t been an easy road. There have been many parties and brands I?ve worked with which I didn?t believe in. There?ve been DJ?s whos? music I didn?t love, where I know the intention behind their sound was not something I would normally stand for, and, there have been clients who weren?t even been clients, but I played pretend, to save face, and build a brand. Like everybody else, we had to pay the bills and find out way to survive on this magic rock until the dream of truly doing what we love came true.

In many ways, this year is the culmination of 13 years of hard work and dedication, believing in a dream that we really can do what we love, be well respected for it and make a living from it to Live a Lucky Life both in and out of our work hours.

One of our clients this summer is an ibiza brand, venue and concept I have hoped to work with since we first met nearly 10 years ago. We are proud to be the film production company working alongside the Elements brand, at Cirque de Soleil?s home venue, Heart, just near the Ibiza Marina. We have a new film residency, covering their weekly Monday Night as Elements brings the essence and spirit of their beach club in the North of the Island, at the sunday sunset famous Benirras, down to the town of Ibiza. And we get to be part of the creation, capturing and sharing of the magic in the making.

This is the first of our weekly 45 second clips, bringing you the very best moments of what goes down in 6 hours of magic, music and some kind of mystical mayhem. The opening night featured a beautiful opening set from Ibiza based Kintar, Sandrino out from Berlin then took to the stage from 2-4am with an uplifting, moving and very unique set, followed by an unexpected, pure, vinyl only techno wow end to the night from Hito that blew me away. Our videos will be shared on many websites and social medias, but also on promotional screens and TV?s across Ibiza, viewed by hundreds of thousands of people throughout the summer. And the best part is, no lies, no sales pitch, I fucking LOVE the party, the people and the music. So much so, that I may just have to take a week off in August, to celebrate my birthday, in Elements Spirit, from the heart, in Heart.

As well as our 45 second weekly videos for the consumer heavy social medias and advertising screens, we?ll also be going backstage, behind the scenes and meeting many of the performers, musicians, ?magic makers and creators of it all, and bringing you some more in depth, longer form content about the essence of it all, and what truly goes down when the Elements of the earth are let loose in the Heart of Ibiza.

PhotoCred- AlbertoCocer

If you like what you see, then you?re in Luck, obviously, cause you?ve read it with us, your magic makers. We?d love to invite you down to join us for a night where you can jump in on our guestlist, and we?ll have some discount entries for your lucky friends too.

So if you want to join us for a Magical Monday at Heart, release your fire, let your feet connect and dance with the earth, as you dive in deep, and fly wild with the wind, then CONTACT US for a Monday unlike the blue Mondays the city has led you to believe are the way Mondays should be. Now aren’t you just a Lucky One ??!!?

See you all soon.

With Love from Ibiza