Electric Gardens Festival 2016


At the end of the Ibiza summer 2016, while walking down the road near his salinas house in early November, Mike the creator?of Lucky Life was ran off the road by a motorbike undertaking a car. When found later in the bushes, seriously injured from head to leg, he was rushed to ICU where he stayed for a week with several operations, and was then put in 3.5 months of rehabilitation and physiotherapy. To say this changed the path and progress of Lucky Life and his plans for where the brand would be over winter would be an understatement.

One of the main plans for winter was for us to go ‘down under’ to film and document the debut dates of the all new Electric Gardens Festival across Australia for the T1000 crew. While still somewhat concussed in hospital, he was confident he’d be fine in a few weeks and ready to fly off to London and then Australia for the winter events. But once released from hospital, he realised there was a long road of recovery ahead. However, Damo of T1000 didn’t let this news shake his plans of working with Lucky Life, and Mike was asked to manage the filming form his ibiza bed, with his broken leg and head. And so, the remote production service of Lucky Life was born.

So, from his recovery bed in a magical place called Can Toni in Ibiza, laptop in hand, Mike sourced all the crew needed for filming, interviews, drone work, and behind the scenes coverage. He had two editors here in Ibiza on call, creating promotional videos for a never before seen festival using the tons of high quality stock footage they’ve captured over the years, and editing immediate release next day aftermovies, with a 10 hour time difference on our side. The event was a huge success, as was the partnership and epic work done.

From Lucky Life, we say big love to the T1000 & Electric Gardens Festival crew. Thanks for believing in us, form the earliest days to the hospital days, and believing in what’s possible form the hills of Ibiza and a good internet connection alongside a fireplace in the winter.

Here’s a selection?of the movies we made, including trailers, announcement videos, next day releases and official aftermovie.

Brisbane Next Day Release

Perth Next Day Release

?T1000 Events and Electric Gardens Festival owe Lucky Life a lot for their vision, filming, editing and after-movies?this multimedia company is a hemisphere away but feels like they are in our back office with their amazing turnaround.? Damian Gelle (T1000 Events / Electric Gardens)

Main Stage Announcement

Digital Therapy Stage

Lucky Life take care of media for Electric Gardens Festival and Code Events across Australia, producing their video advertising campaigns for online, cinema and public screens, filming of all festivals, artist interviews, behind the scenes, and, releasing both next day releases, and full length feature after-movies for all their Australian Events.