Over the weekend, we shared the sounds of our Australian born, Ibiza based label artist, Dazzla, out across 10 countries on the Lucky Life Music Show. He’s provided us with a one hour live recording from his set at the well known winter local over in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza,?Guarana?where many of our label artists play on a regular basis.

Dazzla has got to be one of the hardest working artists we know, always giving his dedicated time and effort, and wild energy, whether in the studio with his productions, out at his live gigs across the globe, providing the soundtrack to the Smart Charter Ibiza Boating crew with over 40 different vessels entertaining in the med throughout the summer, or at a social get together, its always fun with Dazzla. I was recently round at his place to check out the new studio he has just built in his home, and it is pretty damn top notch, I know some musical magic is going to be coming from within those 4 walls.

Dazzla out on the Smarth Charter Pre Season day with his & Ben Fhurst's soon to release - Koooka

We hope you’ve enjoyed the sounds of Dazzla live on the Lucky Life Music? show this week. Stay up to date with our man Dazzla right here on his artist soundcloud page:

Until the next time, stay Lucky.