Over the last 12 months, I?ve had the pleasure of working closely alongside the Elements Ibiza brand as they launched a new event that has awakened the island this summer. It all began with our coverage of their Benirras restaurant?s closing party last year.

Elements Ibiza 2017 Closing Party

Elements Ibiza 2018 Opening Party

Since then, I have been producing the adverts, weekly promotional videos, interviews and after movies of their new party taking place every Monday down at Cirque du Soleil?s Heart Ibiza, also featuring their resident DJ?s on our worldwide Lucky Life Radio Show.

Elements Season Advert

Elements Resident DJ Kintar features on Lucky Life Radio

Week 9 - Elements at Heart

Elements Resident DJ Juri Menicucci features on Lucky Life Radio

We were recently invited to film back where it all began, at The Elements Ibiza Closing Party. Being late season and all my production crew already off the island on their travel to new adventures, I went up alone and shot 14 hours of beautiful moments, healing therapies, hippie markets, capoeira shows, dancers, performers, live musicians, DJ?s, an incredible crowd of locals and tourists, making up ALL the Elements that come together in a beautiful dance of celebration at this magical venue. Probably my favourite party of the year, even if I?m ?working? from beginning to end, I feel so blessed to be behind the lens, capturing these incredible memories, yet free to dance, meet, play and enjoy throughout the night, until I finally pass out in my tent on the beach at 7am, only to be woken an hour later by the ongoing afterparty in one of the fisherman huts.

My ‘LUCK’sury Beachfront apar’TENT’ view?

After working so closely with the Elements family the last 12 months, and getting to know each of the DJs, dancers, promoters and event team so well, the toughest part of the job for me is cutting out all the long shots, many of the moments that mean something to me, that mean something to each of the Elements that bring these events to life, to finally arrive at only a 1 minute instagram video for all the world to watch with their short attention span before they scroll on to the next colourful, visually appealing piece of content on their feed. So on this occasion, Kiko, the creative man behind the Elements brand, and I, agreed we make a longer version, (I could have made a 20 minute piece but we settled for 3.5 minutes – the feature peace of this article), so all those that are connected to the family, the brand and it’s powerful message, well, they can watch and enjoy from start to finish, reliving memories and moments, seeing themselves and friends truly enjoying themselves, from kids to ‘grandpas’, performers to passionate punters. And as for all the rest, don?t stress, I still made a minute of magic for the kids out there that can’t wont last past 60 seconds ;-)?

1 minute trailer - Elements Ibiza 2018 Closing Party

With the season now behind us, we continue our work together, as I produce more Elements’ adverts and promotional content, but now, for their international gigs as the event gains strong momentum from its first Ibiza Residency with already two confirmed events for December taking place in Barcelona and Athens, and many more coming soon to a a city near you.

Athens 1 minute promo

Barcelona 45 Second Promo

My next adventure in the studio is working with the dancers and performers, producing showreels for each of the Elements artists, showcasing their incredible talents and skills in their weekly range of makeup and outfits, from stilt walkers to aerobatics, LED poi spinners to hula hoop magicians, pole dance acrobats and some of the most creative body painting I’ve ever seen or been so lucky to document.

The first one out is for Tania Pot, a highly skilled, super flexible, courageous dancer and acrobatic performer who is already off on her new adventures through Spain working with a travelling circus.?

As this Lucky Life continues to surprise and excite me, I really do feel like a theatre of dreams unravels all around me, and I love it. Here?s to Ibiza 2019, and another trip around the sun collaborating with some of the best creatives from across the globe on this melting pot of art, music, dance, food, culture, nature, spirituality, celebration and healing.

Below are the weekly 45 second after movies we captured and produced throughout the summer. I shot most weeks myself, although also brought in the assistance of Argentinian Manu Ruiz who I met by chance on the ferry from Barcelona to Ibiza, and South African Charl Rorich who was the cameraman on the Madswimmer charity swim I arranged in 2017.

The videos usually have the text announcing the next weeks’ dates and line up running through the video, but this also hides a lot of the amazing moments I would like to share with you. So instead, these are clean videos, but with large logos in the corner to at least partly protect our content. I hope you enjoy the highlights of Elements at Heart Ibiza summer 2018.

Week 1

Week 4

Week 7

Week 2

Week 5

Week 8

Week 3

Week 6

Week 9

Big thanks to the Elements Ibiza Family for making me feel like a part of the family and for believing in my creativity, to all the dancers and performers for the hours of hard work and dancing each night, and to Heart ibiza, for opening up a new world of theatre in Ibiza nightlife.?

With love.