Kiss 100 and Safehouse?Management’s ‘Charlie Hedges’ reports for Lucky Life TV as she interviews a host of Carl Cox’s hand selected residents and guest DJs at his weekly summer event at Space, Ibiza: The Revolution Recruits.Backstage at Space, Ibiza, after playing his first ever show on Space’s Covered Terrace, Pleasurekraft shares just how much he enjoyed his set, which he had really high expectations for! Listen in to hear his whereabouts from NYC — Sharm El Sheikh — all around Europe.
Being somewhat old school, Pleasurekraft believe in getting you down to a gig, seeing ’em live, experiencing music the Pleasurekraft way — first hand — and that Mp3 downloads just don’t give you a real taste. Tune in to hear more of what one of Pleasurekraft has to say at Space, Ibiza.

A Lucky Life Production
Presented by Charlie Hedges
Produced & Directed by Mike Parry
Soundtrack: Carlo Lio — Pusher — Intec Digital