Kiss 100 and Safehouse Management’s Charlie Hedges reports for Lucky Life TV as she interviews a host of Carl Cox’s hand selected residents and guest DJs at his weekly summer event at Space, Ibiza: The Revolution Recruits.

Here Charlie gets to catch up with Just Be (aka Be of Layo & Bushwacka) in an interview of noise making, talks of undisciplined kids on aeroplanes and grumpy parents, as well as some cool chats about music, the new music video that Be has been working on, DJing and traveling round the world. Be sure to watch through to the end to catch the final round of the ‘noise off’ between Charlie and Just Be.

A Lucky Life Production
Presented by Charlie Hedges
Produced & Directed by Mike Parry
Soundtrack: Soul Camp ‘Soundshift’ Jo Mills & Gareth Whitehead remix – Bulletdodge Records

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