Kiss 100 and Safehouse Management’s ‘Charlie Hedges’ reports for Lucky Life TV as she interviews a host of Carl Cox’s hand selected residents and guest DJs at
his weekly summer event at Space, Ibiza: ‘The Revolution Recruits.’

Charlie sits down with the world renowned Fatboy Slim after his headline set in Space’s main room for Carl Cox. From cinema screenings of his recent gig, to playing inside a giant octopus as the only DJ in the Olympics, Charlie finds out what’s happening in the world of Norman Cook!

A legend in the house and dance scene, playing at and hosting some of the best and most spoken about events in history, Fatboy Slim tells us about the biggest gig he has ever played (over 300,000 people) and some of his favourite spots to visit and DJ round the world.

A Lucky Life Production
Presented by Charlie Hedges
Produced & Directed by Mike Parry
Soundtrack: Carlo Lio – Pusher – Intec Digital