Can Eats Everything ‘Eat Everything?’


On this second Episode of Love Food Ibiza, Tess takes on a beefy challenge with heavyweight DJ Eats Everything. We go shopping at the butchers at a local market, get a special massive bun made by the crew at La Paloma, and we head to Balafia to find out just how hungry Eats Everything can be.

Full Episode:

A word from our chef and host, Tess Prince:

I create one of the world?s biggest ever burgers ? with a difference! A deconstruction reconstruction of this superstar DJ?sfavourite ever dish?Beef Stroganoff and Cheese Strings ? but using the very finest ingredients on the island. I cook it up with one of Ibiza?s greatest grill chefs at his legendary restaurant Balafia to create a supersized burger. So, can Eats Everything live up to his name?

For the full recipe, visit Tess Prince on the link below…. just read the last few lines of her Beef Stroganoff Burger recipe and you’ll be on your way to the beef shop in minutes!!

“Spread over the dijon mayonnaise on the bottom of the loaf them scatter over the baby gem and rocket. Top with the cheese-covered burger then spoon the incredible stroganoff sauce and finally garnish with the pickled gherkins. Big OMG”