When Lucky Life first landed in Ibiza just over a decade ago, we joined the Ibizan Heat Clubbing Tours?with a crew of 500 DJ’s and party people who all came together for one week of pure hedonism on the magic island of dance. From our first journey, we began documenting the tours with daily reports, interviews, behind the scenes coverage and tour promotion videos.

Lucky Life TV 2010 Promo

Armin Van Buuren at Privilege

Tobie Allen Bootleg Social Records

While filming with Ibizan Heat, connecting with many of the guests, DJ’s and organisers as they experience some of the best times, music, scenery and parties of their life, I knew I wanted to help get this message heard further, I wanted more people to know about Ibiza and the freedom we were finding for ourselves here. It was then I knew we couldn’t just produce content, I wanted to be involved in the promotion of our client and partner videos, getting their and our message shared as far and wide as we can though our own distribution.

We first took an idea to the Ibiza Tourism Board back in 2010 for an Ibiza TV Channel showcasing ALL of ibiza, the food, the health and wellness, the hippie, the happy and of course, the DJ’s and the parties. But we had a long road ahead before reaching TV.

First a Youtube Channel, then Facebook and online marketing, ?later press partners like Essential Ibiza and Pulse Radio sharing our videos online and now, in 2017, we are proud to be the producers of the Ibiza Live TV channel played in 40 hotels around Ibiza.

Pau Brasil

One of our first major restaurant clients taking on board our full Lucky Life production and Ibiza Live TV ?promotion package for 2017, which includes:

Our film crew shoot the opening night, our editors create online and TV edits, we promote on our website and all social medias, and now, with the new channel, Pau Brasil has?daily broadcast of the new TV advert in 6000 rooms across 40 popular Ibiza Hotels.

Love Food Ibiza

In 2015/16 we produced a cooking show for Tess Prince of Love Food ibiza

The show was first released on Youtube, yet produced in TV format with full length episodes, trailers, adverts and excerpts. It was TV Ready as they say.

This week, we begin broadcast of the first series of Love Food Ibiza on our hotel TV Network, playing daily to 20,000 + tourists in the rooms, entertainment areas and receptions across 40 major Ibiza Hotels.

The Electric Gardens Festival

Taking place across 4 states of Australia in January each year, luckily the quiet time for us in Ibiza. From thousands of miles away, we remotely produce all the content for this festival, arranging the film crews, drones, interviews, backstage access as well as promotional videos, footage transfers and next day release aftermovies, all from our little island of Ibiza.

We are proudly now showcasing the Electric Gardens Festival daily on our hotel TV Network as part of our International section, played right here in Ibiza to thousands of clubbers and party people from around the world.

2016 Aftermovie

Melbourne Next Day Release

As well as our own programming, our channel partners include the likes of BeAtTV, DJ Mag, Mixmag, Essential Ibiza and many more who create their own content and feature a daily time slot on Ibiza Live TV.

How to get started??

Whether you have your own video content ready for broadcast, or you have no idea on where to start with a camera, we can help you through each step of the way, from concept to production, online release and now to full TV broadcast for a captive Ibiza audience.

Boutique stores, local restaurants or major nightclubs, international DJs, festivals and clothing brands, if you have a message, product, service or party you want to share, Ibiza Live TV will get you seen, heard and noticed by thousands of potential new fans and customers each day. From 30 second adverts to full feature TV shows and documentaries, let us help you get your message out there.