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Lucky Life Ibiza

Your host

My passion for curating high quality events, coupled with a sincere love for hosting and entertaining guests, has taken me on a wildly educational journey, working with some of the most vibrant and varied mix of clients from all over the world.

I’ve dedicated well over a decade to discovering the finest ways and places for you to eat, sleep, rave and retreat yourself on Ibiza, so whether you’re planning a birthday celebration, a swim around the island, a film shoot or a guided music tour, as your ´man on the ground,´  I’ve acquired all the local knowledge and got the best providers in my list of favourites that you could wish for.

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The Team

My trusted Ibiza team includes some of the island’s top property providers, chefs, menu curators, event planners, adventure hosts, videographers, drivers, entertainers, performers and everyone you could possibly need to create your perfect Ibiza experience.

To make your life and event planning even more enjoyable and efficient, you’ll only need one point of contact at Lucky Life who will manage the entire team of professionals on your behalf, as together, we bring your Ibiza dream to life.

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The Island

Hedonistic hotspot Ibiza has been shaping the way the world raves for decades, and now, is becoming highly influential in how we eat, sleep and journey deeper within ourselves. Alongside the best nights of your life, we really love to show and share many of the other incredible facets of this truly unique destination has to offer, as it sure is so much more than just the place to party.

It is quite simply the most unique destination on the planet. But with so many choices, how can you ever plan the perfect getaway? Well, that’s where we come in.

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Our Story

Our Story

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Journey to a Lucky Life

The idea was simple.

Leave behind the ´city slog´ to find a way to making a healthy living doing what we love and loving what we do, which for us, has always been the pleasure of entertaining YOU, Lucky Ladies and Gents.

The execution and realisation of this simple idea, however, was a far more complex and timely expedition than I and any of the Lucky Life performers, DJs, promoters, designers and media crew could have ever envisaged.

And so, 15 years and several continents later, it was only me left dedicating every lockdown day and night to ensuring that the dream came true. Most of the others by now had families, returned to ´real jobs´ or at least kept their full time pay cheques as safety nets, which of course I totally understand and respect. As this Lucky Life continued to unfold and evolve in front of me, I realised that, as it was me who was gifted the dream, it was me who should continue to breathe life into its potential, into this vision of transforming an ´unrealistic´ possibility into a living reality, so that one day soon, I could share this story with you, hopefully entertaining, educating and inspiring you in the process.

This has been my life’s work, and I’m sure far from done with it. Sometimes, in fact, I feel like I’ve only just begun. Well, that’s until I look back down the paths travelled and detours taken en route, the sacrifices made and loves unknowingly lost, the pain and the gain, the loans and the lessons, the connections we’ve made, the celebrations we’ve created, and the magical moments we’ve captures. For those that care to know more about the journey to a Lucky Life, here´s a recap of some of the steps taken so far.

Big thanks to everyone who has and continues to play a part in the making of this Lucky Life. My partners, co-creators, artists, clients, travellers, clubbers and every one of you who has watched, listened to, travelled for and danced a moment of celebration with Lucky Life, because if it weren’t for you, Lucky Ladies and Gents, it would just be …


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Launching in London

The journey began in 2006 launching into the UK event scene with our renowned boat parties on the London thames featuring resident DJs, live performers, dancers and dress up, all filmed and documented for our guests to reminisce on a rainy London Sunday.

These soon evolved into themed club nights at the likes of Pacha, The White House, Artesian Wells, Babalou, Mass, Gigalum and Bar Sia as well as partnership with London heavyweights Lock ´n Load and South West Four, co-hosting their official afterparties and filming their Carl Cox, Paul Van Dyk and Orbital London shows.

We were on our way up the London ladder, but Ibiza was always where the dream was always at.

We’re going to Ibiza

Following a few test runs to the island with the Ibizan Heat tours, in 2010, myself and my partner in everything, Larissa Walker, shot a pilot in SA and moved out to Ibiza with two camera crew just out of college, Trav & Cal. On less than a shoestring budget we launched The Lucky Life TV Series, which of course we thought would be an overnight success and bring in loads of ad revenue and clients booking their Ibiza holidays with us.

However, 3 seasons filming everything we could get access to, from hippie markets and boat parties, to hotels, spas, DJ Awards and the best of the Ibiza club scene, including Carl Cox´s at Space, unfortunately our AAA access, co-presenting, quality production, weekly radio show and 50-120 videos per summer didn’t bring in the views, revenue or bookings we’d hoped for. Sadly, Larry left the island, hearts broke and costs increased… Ibiza life, love and business sure weren’t as ´Lucky´ as we made it look.

An image showing a lady and a man holding microphones as they present on TV at a festival in England with green grass and camp sites in the background
Forever remember our much loved Larissa

Spreading our wings

I put the initial TV Series aside to focus on client productions and while creating Ibiza experiences for friends and early travel clients coming in through word of mouth, Lucky Life also quickly became known as one of the top video producers on the island.

We shot everything from TV Pilots, cooking shows, club nights and boat parties to fashion, villas, weddings and music videos, also travelling to Russia for the first of our major international shoots.

In 2014, DJ Ben Fhurst moved over to launch the Lucky Life Music label with myself, which led to over 55 releases from 15 artists across the globe, 2 weekly radio shows, our Ibiza boat party heaven on the med as well as hosting our own nights at Pacha Ibiza, Cafe Del Mar, Pikes, Booom and rooms alongside Carl Cox and We Love at the one and only Space Ibiza. The Lucky dice as rolling…

Things can only get better…

Along with some unexpected bumps in the journey, including getting ran over by a motorbike, hospitalised with 6 months recovery, by 2019, I finally had all 3 parts; film production, travel services and the record label, in swing all at once.

We had multiple media production gigs locally with names as big as Alexander McQueen, Barbara Tucker, DJ Sneak, Pikes, Elements, Heart and off the island travelling across Europe and as far as Australia, Russia and South America to film for travel, festival and live music clients.

At the same time, our record label was taking on regular events at the Islands top locations, starting to chart in the major music download sites, and also running events in London, Amsterdam and Andorra while my Ibiza hosting service continued to rise, successfully executing a major charity swim event in 2017 and landing our first luxury wedding client in 2018.

The dream was finally coming true, not just for me, but for everyone I knew. Ibiza and our industries were on fire, things could only get better… (I thought). So following a successful press launch in 2019, on March 12th 2020, I announced the dates for Lucky Life’s baby, the ‘Eat Sleep Rave Retreat’ with great confidence. The next day, lock down was announced.

Connecting and Celebrating …A large part of Lucky Life, STOPPED, dancing ILLEGAL for the foreseeable future. So, I took this as an opportunity to focus on CREATING, digging through the mountains of footage, events, music and service we’ve provided, and returned to the essence of what this was all first about…

Celebrating Life with YOU

Although at times it sure felt like things were going off path, now looking back, I can see the divine perfection in it all and that things were, in fact, perfectly on track.

Embracing opportunities across the board, from clubbing to concierge, yoga retreats to music conferences, production to promotion, I’ve been making all the right contacts, learning all the necessary skills and getting all the best access to discover the incredible tricks, tips and secrets required to know how to ‘anything´ on Ibiza, now finding myself and my team in pole position for doing exactly what we love and were destined to do…

and that, Lucky Ladies and Gents, is making YOUR Ibiza dreams come true.

Lets connect, create & Celebrate your Lucky Life