Lucky Life is a media and entertainment company based on the magical island of Ibiza. We?ve spent the last 11 years loving the ?journey of getting ourselves established in some of the key areas of the international media and entertainment scenes we love so much.

Over the years, we have slowly and carefully created our own unique combination of film, music, and event experiences for our Lucky Life Members and clients. This first began in London in 2006 and soon ventured on to South Africa, Australia, Amsterdam, Canada, Russia and our home in Ibiza.

From throwing a special vibe of intimate and musically magical parties around the world, to filming a well rounded story of the many lives? liveable in Ibiza, producing quality house and techno music now being played across Ibiza, hosting weekly radio shows around the globe, and running the media for a 4 state festival across Australia, The Lucky Life Family have loved the last decade while getting great at our game and building a reputation that speaks for itself. Now, as we grow into the second decade of our journey, we?re proud to have stepped up our game again, now offering our clients massive distribution and promotion on their videos & music through our new TV Channel, Ibiza Live TV, while also announcing some fantastic dates for our label parties, including our summer start at Pacha in May and a new venture we?ll be taking for Mike?s birthday celebrations in August.

We?re loving having our very own special way of doing things that we call The Lucky Life Way??

Work with us,?watch with us,?listen with us,?party with us,?travel with us, and?Live Lucky?with us! Life?s too short and beautiful to lose it any other way.


Record Label:

Lucky Life believe in the balance of life, the yin & yang of all things. It can be seen?in nature, we find it within ourselves and our community, and we like to live it through our music and parties. Lucky Life Music are renowned for their good feeling, friendly atmosphere and musically top quality parties!

The 2014 launch of our label was first a celebration of sunshine, daytime, boat party style house. This fitted perfectly with their earlier London events by Lucky Life, such as their Thames Boat Parties. In 2016, Label Boss Ben Fhurst started us out on a new journey, down the darker side of dance, as we entered into the night and delved into the world of techno with the new Lucky Nights series of releases.

If you?d like to enjoy and share the Lucky Life music, parties and way of life, then get in touch, we?d Love to bring a label party to your town, with a great line up of our artists and performers, film crew, radio & TV promotion.

Or, take a look at our Label Parties Section, tune in to our radio shows, join us?for our next event ? come down and join us for a dance and smiles in the sunshine!!

Creator & Director:
Mike Parry

Mike Parry, born, raised and educated in South Africa, woken up in London, connected through global travel, and inspired by Ibiza, is the creator of Lucky Life. After just over a decade, his long time dream of ?Living a Lucky Life? is coming?true. But what is a ?Lucky Life??

Mike has been involved in the club and dance?music scene since he was far too young to be allowed into the nightclubs, yet he took a very keen interest in clublife and?creating celebration parties for him and all his friends.

Once in London and working in a 14 hour a day sales job, the reality of life, the truth of the economic and employment system started to show itself, and Mike started to look for another way to life. Working in sales and marketing full time, hosting parties on the weekends, and waking up early the next day?to attend business, empowerment, and personal development courses, it wasn?t long before Mike?s?knew he would be on his way.

Looking out the window of his sales office as life passed him by, Mike considered all the options (which he knew of). He thought of an island he had dreamed of many times called Ibiza. A place he knew of, he?d heard about, seen on TV, a place where people lived, worked and loved in the dance music scene, creating, hosting and promoting parties, living in the sunshine, surrounded by beautiful nature and the ocean, with the chance of an organic, fulfilling, balanced life with the nature of the seasons. An island that embraces celebration! Damn, how LUCKY those people were living there!!??

Sitting there staring out on the grey streets of London, Mike started to imagine himself there in Ibiza, how it could possibly be, what he might do, who he may work with, how it all might feel?! More than anything, he realised that if there was just one tiny chance he could make this dream come true, and turn this dream into tangible reality, he would be one Very Lucky guy!!

And so, Mike set out on his mission of magic, to see if Luck is something we are born with, given, or, if just maybe, it?s something we can create for ourselves. It wasn?t the easiest thing he and his team have done in life, and it took a lot longer than they ever expected, as do many of the best things?in life, but a vision board, a clear dream, unwavering belief, and non stop dedication to ?Miking it happen?, a decade later, he can proudly say, ?We truly do live our Lucky Life today!! We do what we love, in a place we are inspired to live and work, and with partners and clients I would happily work with for free if we could change the financial system too. Finally, after finding our path and our place in the industry, we get paid well for doing services we love to provide for clients we respect. From filming and promotion, our Ibiza Live TV channel, radio shows, parties, and releasing our favourite sounds through our Record Label, we?re a bunch of mates having a great time living life, and aiming to share this message across the globe to all those who this may resonate with. One Love to All. Lucky Mike?


The Lucky Life Team?is more like a global family, headed up by Mike, a South African living in Ibiza, with Australian, English, Canadian, New Zealand, German, Spanish, French and Slovenian partners, musicians, film crew, editors, promoters and more.

Lucky Life Music Label Boss: Ben Fhurst

Tech, DJ, Design, Producer: Rufus White

Lucky Life Radio: Adam Nics

Event Marketing: Stevo

For media production, label party, concierge service bookings, please get in touch, we’d love to connect with you, and we look forward to creating cutting edge content and forever remembered events with you.